Wine deals, cheap wine, best wine bargains, cheapest wine by the case: they’re heavily searched terms. A sign that many of us have become sucked into the vortex that’s only got one way to go – down.

A dose of common sense should tell you that wine has a cost price. That’s what it takes to grow grapes, let them ripen over summer months, pay to harvest them, then turn the juice into wine.

That’s the base price, to cover the costs and enough to live on. It’s how agriculture works (yes, a wine’s still an agricultural product).

Are you prepared to pay more so British milk farmers getting a decent price?

Do you choose to buy good local meat/veg/fish from local suppliers, even if every now and again, because you know it’s going to be better quality?

Is it a free-range chicken you reach for, or a battery-farmed bird that’s cheaper, but is in no way as satisfying when eaten?

Good. Now to wine, and our five reasons you shouldn’t always buy based on special offers.

Not every region can compete and come up with a special offer

You didn’t really think all those wine special offers come from the goodness of retailers’ hearts, did you? Most are paid for by the wine producer agreeing to reduce their price for a time, usually in order to get listed in the first place. So out go any interesting wine producers whose volume is too tiny to play the game. Or any wine regions dominated by the little guy rather than big players (it’s one reason it’s so hard to find more unusual wines in supermarkets).

So you’re restricting your choices in a big way by just sticking to wine offers

Those big players that do get listed have another burden to bear. They have to go in at such a low price it’s simple for the big retailers to inflate the price, in order to ‘discount’ later.

Say they’re buying in a bottle of wine for £4.40, put it out for sale at £9.99, then a juicy discount to £7.99 or even less can pop up as if by magic only a matter of weeks later.

So wine offers and bargains are often based on false value to start with. You end up paying what the wine’s really worth. Big deal.

If you stumble across a genuine wine deal, there’s a chance it’s simply down to supply and demand. The store’s bought the wine, lots of it, but it’s not shifted anywhere like as fast as they expected.

So the price is brought down to clear the wine. Time to tread carefully. You could be in for a bargain, or it might not have sold because it’s so terrible, been kept poorly in the warehouse, or is about to do an impression of wine vinegar.

It’s a case of ‘pays your money, takes your chances’, but it’s also another reason not to solely buy wine on cheap deals all the time. Or you’ll be increasing your chances of getting the bad stuff.

If you never trade up with wines, you’ll never know what you’re missing.

Which you could be perfectly happy with. Never mind missing out on some of the world’s most impressive drinks, hours of enjoyment with friends and family, even enjoying that TV programme or film all the more.

Whilst you’re at it, resolve to only buy the cheapest of everything, just to be sensible. The cheapest car you can buy, get all your clothes from secondhand shops, never new, and be sure to never eat out again – you can definitely afford to skimp on that.

Life will be so much fun, and you’ll have so much more money to spend on, well nothing, because that’s not allowed is it?

Like good food, good wine is never ‘cheap’.

It might be a bargain, put a smile on your face, bring much enjoyment to those sharing it with you, and grow to be one of those happy moments in life you look forward to.

But of course, you’ll never experience that if you stick rigidly to a monetary figure in your head. Then you’ll be doomed to average, often below-par wines that have earned those throwaway names ‘plonk’ and ‘booze’.

It doesn’t have to be all the time, but every so often consider treating yourself to wines that really can lift your spirits, put the bounce back into your step, and indulge in sheer pleasure for once.

The good news is, good, sometimes even great wines, are well within reach. At Rude Wines we specialise in finding them, refuse to play games with pricing, and offer them at the most reasonable prices you’ll find online in the UK.

Whether by the bottle or by the case, we figure it makes for good business sense to get only the good wines, and share them with you.

And sometimes you’ll find some very good, very honest special offers to tempt you too. But always knowing the wine you’ll get will have none of the pitfalls we’ve just written about.

After all, if you think about it, it’s the only sensible and honest way to get you wanting more great wine. And having you coming back because the wine’s great is one of our founding principles.