It just might be your favourite way of choosing wine, by country. It’s a great way to narrow down the dizzying array, and hopefully, pick something you’ll like. With more than 70 countries in the world making wine, you’ve plenty of options.

We’ve hand-selected those we believe are special, offering quality and value in equal measure.

That sounds like a throwaway comment: quality and value. But when it comes to wine it’s essential to getting wines that taste that bit better than you’re used to.

Whilst there are exceptional wines that everyone agrees are the best of the best, they tend to be well beyond what most of us are prepared to spend on a bottle of wine. Or even can afford to spend on a bottle.

And that’s where we come in at Rude Wines. Our mantra is simple. To search high and low, long and hard, to come up with wines that you’ll find knock the socks off those wines you’d find elsewhere.

Most of us pick up a bottle or two in the supermarket along with our normal shop. It makes sense whilst you’re getting all the other food groceries after all. But does it?

For supermarkets and non-specialist wine sellers, the wine’s simply another product. Something else to add to your basket to pump up what you’re spending in store.

There’s a baseline to how their buyers pick wines – and that’s cost. Buy the cheapest, provided it’s got a name they can sell, and then do so for as much as feasibly possible. That way, after a few weeks at full price, they can drop the price down and convince you that you’ve scored a bargain.

Problem is, the quality level normally goes down the plughole as a result.

Rude Wines takes the complete opposite as the starting point. Quality is key to our selection.

Does it taste great? Is it a perfect example of the grape variety, region, or country’s style? Would we drink it ourselves? And will our customers love it?

If a wine answers these questions with a resounding ‘yes’, we’ll think about buying it. Then, and only then, do we think about the price. Actually, we think about cost rather than price. Only then what we can sell the wine for.

Why? Well, it’s simple. We don’t have bricks-and-mortar shops, with car parks to maintain, and loads of staff. That keeps our overheads down, so we don’t have accountants telling us we need to make X% on everything. Which is a big bonus over the supermarkets.

We also only sell wine, so we can take our time in picking the best. Know the subject inside and out, and don’t rely on making even bigger margins on everything else in your basket to balance things out.

It also gives our buyer, Gerald, freedom. Not that you could ever pin him down. After half a century in the trade, he knows what he likes, and has a pretty good idea of what will and won’t work.

Nor is Gerald afraid of taking risks. In fact, he relishes them. That’s why you’ll find wines from Israel, Peru and Uruguay on our list (and he’s currently going on about Ukraine, so be warned).

And that’s why we’re confident that at Rude Wines you’ll only find “amazing wines from around the world”, not just any wines.

No pandering to passing fashions, or pretend discounts that evaporate once you take a sip and realise you’ve been sold a dud.

We stake our reputation on value and quality. So many wine merchants go for one or the other. It’s a rare beast that combines both, in a way you can literally taste in your glass.

There’s a great saying the late Len Evans (Australian wine critic and wine connoisseur) came up with, “You have only so many bottles in your life: never drink a bad one.”

It sums up the very essence of why we’re here, and why you should give our wines a chance to convince you.

You won’t be disappointed.