How can you tell what’s good value in wine? Doesn’t a good old discount mean it’s the obvious choice? How wine’s sourced and bought are critical too. Like many of life’s better things, where it comes from is a good clue to wine’s quality.

So why are we different? And why is that good news for you?

Rude Wines only sells wines we’d drink ourselves (and do)

Why many claim to do this, you only have to drink a glass of something ghastly to realise it’s just marketing fluff for many online wine merchants. And you’d be right to think that’s a stupid mistake. Because our word, and online at that, is all you’ve got to go on.

So why on earth would you sell wines that are no different from supermarkets at best, and downright undrinkable at worst?

Rude Wines relies upon one thing to choose its wines: taste

You’d be forgiven for thinking that’s how all online wine shops should work. After all, if you’re looking to buy wines online, it would seem to be an obvious first step to make sure they’re really good quality, wouldn’t it?

The fly in the ointment for many of our competitors though is the price. In the scamble to be the cheapest wines online, they cut corners. Buy wines you’d barely cook with, let alone be happy to share with friends and family.

Our approach is always one that starts with what’s in the glass; not how much it costs.

It starts with Gerald, our buyer, and his four-decades-plus experience in the wine trade. Which is already leaps and bounds ahead of our rivals.

And that taste control runs right through from Rude Wines’ top brass, to our Wine Advisers, everyone else in the office, and finishes with you, our customers. With a tasting panel made up of our customers (completely independent, and free to join if you’d like), it’s the best way we think to ensure we’re only offering wines you’d like to drink.

Rude Wines is independent, acts like a small company, but can behave just as effectively as the big guns

You might think you’d have to be a giant, supermarket-sized monsters like Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s and the like, to be able to get the best price for wines.

And you’d be mistaken.

In fact, doubly so. Since any big wine retailer is also as much obsessed with quantity as they are with price.

They don’t like the idea of running out, or not having the same wines in all their stores. To do so is an administrative headache and they can’t be bothered with that.

Not so Rude wines. We’re happy to focus just on quality; if it runs out, we’ve sold a great wine to a good number of happy customers. That’s our aim.

As for price, well we’re just as flexible as our giant competitors. If we like a wine, we’ll talk to them and see if we can pass on any savings to you by shipping direct. That’s why at any one time there are containers of wine floating around the world’s oceans headed in our direction.

With the resources to get the best possible price for wines, we can be confident you’ll be getting the best wines at the best price.