3 quick reasons: you’ll get the best possible price, you’ll have plenty of choice for whatever the food or occasion, and you’ll never run out.

Add up how often you buy a bottle of wine, then think if you’d bought a case for every 12 bottles (or 15; more on that later), you’d have got a better deal and better wine.

It’s a no-brainer.

Rude Wines cases are specially selected to give you maximum value, enjoyment and the best wines available

We don’t simply throw together a case of wine. Nor do we assume you always want to drink the same wine all the time.

Instead, we take a long hard look at our wines, which have already undergone a rigorous procedure to make sure they’re good enough for us to list.

And then we start to carefully put our cases together. Some based on wine regions and the best wine-producing countries. Others take food as their starting point, maybe the top wines we think will go with Sunday roasts, or with weekday pasta and pizza. You might be more interested in grape varieties; so we’ll try and help by putting together our favourite Malbec wines, or our very best Sauvignon Blanc wines.

So the starting point is always quality, every step of the way. Picking wines that startle with their intensity, engage with their complexity and linger in the memory.

What you’re getting in fact, is all the hard work done for you. Simply by browsing through the many wine case offers on our site, you know you’ll be buying a box of wine that’s had more than a little care and attention lavished upon it.

Beware of cheap imitations; good wine is never ridiculously cheap

Fake discounts, second-rate wines hiding behind unfamiliar labels, wines that taste no better than high street bottles. These you’ll not find at Rude Wines. We’ve taken the decision to focus on that little bit better, standout wine rather than the usual suspects.

All of which means, given our already generous pricing policy, we don’t have much wriggle room when it comes to price. But we still actually want you to enjoy our wines as much as we do. So wherever possible we try to shave a little off when you’re buying a case of wine from us.

Given you’ll be getting free delivery to your home, a guarantee of happy satisfaction with your wines, we think you’ll agree, it makes Rude Wines one of the best places to buy a case of wine anywhere in the UK.

And, because we’ve got boxes that take 15 bottles, you can even add a few extra special wines to your case for those really special occasions. Buying wine from Rude Wines could be the best move you’ll ever make.