The current heatwave shows no signs of fading and as you indulge on barbequed meat until your heart’s content, have you spared a thought for the British public’s favourite spicy sausage? Spanish chorizo is as versatile is it is delectable. As well as being a key element of many tapas staples, it can be grilled or sautéed with peppers and onions or even stirred into paellas, risottos or stews. Its punchy paprika tang, trademark smoky flavour and rich red colour add depth to a whole host of recipes, meaning you have many options when it comes to deciding on your wine.

If you are serving chorizo thinly sliced in its purest form, then it is best paired with lighter and crisp wines that won’t suppress your taste buds and will reduce the flaming sensation. In Spain, rosé wine is referred to as ‘Rosado’ with the majority deriving from the Rioja region – notably stronger and profound in colour compared to those from Provence. Our Rioja Rosado produced by family-run winery Bodegas Navajas perfectly combines grape varieties Viura and Grenache (called Garnacha in Spain) to offer an abundance of fruit essences and refreshing acidity to cope with the intense vigour of the meat.

In truth, the Spanish rarely refrain from finding chorizo space on a charcuterie board accompanied by a variety of other cured meats and cheeses. Therefore, having an invigorating all-rounder to embrace the different tastes and textures can sometimes be tricky. A delicate Loire is a wonderful way to enjoy a small tapas selection. We recommend trying it lightly chilled for a sublime summer afternoon experience.

When it comes to pairing red wine with chorizo, it is important to avoid reds that are heavily oaked as oak-ageing tends to accentuate chilli heat. Go for something juicy and light bodied, like a Beaujolais from France or Priorat from Catalonia. These wines are embodied by low to medium tannins, exuberant fruit and medium plus acidity, which provides both contrast as well as harmony to the heat.

As the seasons change and the sun goes into hibernation, what better way to welcome in the colder months than with our heart-warming Spanish beef and chorizo stew? Make this winter dish sing with a medium bodied fruit driven red – a smooth Tempranillo or Rioja will have you going weak at the knees.

White wine lovers should head to Northern Spain which produces some of the country’s best bottles. A drop of our Verdejo wine sourced from high altitude vineyards in the Rueda region is a wonderful accompaniment to any paella that utilises chorizo and other bold ingredients at the foundation of this quintessential Spanish number.

Our Atlantic-influenced Mara Martin Godello from DO Monterrei (meaning king’s mountain) is powerful on the palate with its lively aromas and has spent considerable time fermenting in the barrel. This makes for another strong option when pairing up with a chorizo-inspired recipe. Classic Bordeaux style white wines are also particularly flavoursome and a stellar cohort for most fare.

Such is the exceptional versatility of chorizo; there is a fantastic array of wine to pick from and your preference will ultimately depend on how you utilise Spain’s take on the humble sausage. Be sure to explore the endless flavour and taste fusions for years to come. Cheers!