You’ve got a figure in mind – £5, £10, somewhere in between. It’s worked before, why not again? It’s a fair point. Why shell out more than you’re used to on a bottle of wine? What’s the point? Stick to what you know and like, it’ll be just fine.

Is that how you approach everything though? And where do you go if you fancy trying something special?

You probably don’t eat jacket potatoes or beans on toast every day of the week, do you?

So why only drink wines of a certain price all the time?

The big difference between wine and virtually every other alcoholic drink is the sheer variety on offer. Not just red and white, there’s a vast range of bottles out there, some incredibly cheap, some eye-wateringly expensive.

The first thing you need to decide, then, is do you think you’re worth spending a bit more on every now and again? Do you think good, or great wines are only for those with black American Express cards, or do you deserve a taste of the good stuff too?

Of course you’re worth it; at least we think so. We’re not talking Cartier watches and Lear jets here, it’s wine. The drink with a history, a place in so many cultures around the world, that’s all about sharing, enjoying, and feeling good.

Why wouldn’t you think that’s well within your reach?

And, we’re not talking bonkers jumps in price here either. If you’re usual choice of wine costs you, say, around £6-7 a bottle, you’ll be amazed at the difference you’ll taste in a bottle that’s simply twice as much.

You see, with things like duty and VAT fixed, once you pass a certain point, every extra pound you spend on wine goes into one thing. The quality of wine in the bottle. It’s that simple.

So think £12-14 a bottle. Ouch? Really? Less than four pints or beer, cheaper than a takeaway for two, for a drink that’s made just once a year, usually takes months to do so, and one which, at this level, you can actually taste the difference.