Whatever the occasion, dinner party or family Sunday lunch, the wine on the table is your final flourish. It’s make or break time, the thing that’s guaranteed to take the event to a new level, or a drink that lets you down.

The buzz that comes with getting your wine choice right will mean you’ll never leave that to chance again.

Wine’s a devilishly confusing topic though, isn’t it? Colour’s easy enough, you’re bound to have a pretty good idea of whether it’s going to be red or white (possibly pink, or sparkling). But that’s where the simple bit stops.

Which country would work best? So you’ve found a country you like, and think will work, so what region? What are all these weird and wonderful grape varieties? Age, what’s that all about, do you need young and fresh, or something with a bit of time under the belt? All those different producers; how do you know if they’re any good?

Strewth, it’s a minefield out there.

You’re in luck though. Here at Rude Wines we’ve done all the hard work. Gerald, our buyer, is constantly busy sourcing new wines. Not just the usual suspects either, wines that give you the perfect opportunity to surprise and delight your guests.

Like when was the last time you popped the cork on a Uruguayan wine for instance? You’ll find both here.

Then there’s the tasting. Gerald’s not silly, he wants everyone to get behind his discoveries, so he’s always keen to ensure everyone, from the guys in the warehouse to our customers (we have a tasting panel for final approval; if you’re near Ledbury, you can apply to join), is happy with the wines.

It’s that sort of attention to detail that means we’re 100% confident you’ll enjoy our wines. And that you’ll agree with us that they’re a distinct notch up from the rest.

You’ll also find that works across other online wine retailers too. Some of those are quick to adopt tactics and techniques that lull you into thinking they’re somehow better than supermarkets. Whereas, in fact, they’re simply the online version of them, giving you own label wines of dubious quality and severely overpriced so they can offer crazy discounts.

Buying wine online from Rude Wines is a sign you’re not gullible, fooled by false promises, or a pushover.

It’s a sign you’re smarter than most wine drinkers, have taken the time to consider your purchases, safe and sound in the knowledge that we’ve done all our homework, and got top marks for it.

Rude Wines; the smartest way to buy wine online, bar none.