It’s a German white wine that you’ll love. It’s got as much class as a Mercedes, racier than a Porsche, and costs a fraction of the price. It’s German wine engineering at it’s very best, giving you an everyday wine to raise the eyebrows. One thing’s for sure, once tasted you’ll order more.

Walt Riesling 2017, Pfalz, Germany

Everyday Best German White Wine

According to Jancis Robinson MW, Riesling is the most mispronounced (it’s Reece-ling) and misunderstood grape variety in the world.

So what’s so special about this Walt Riesling from Pfalz in Germany? To start with, if you like Sauvignon Blanc (say, New Zealand or Chilean) but find it too acidic after a glass or two, then you’ll love this wine.

It’s a style that’ll have you admiring its brilliant combination of fruity zestiness together with a stunningly fresh, uplifting flavour.

Aroma-wise, you’ll get a burst of delicate white flower blossom (don’t ask what flower, but it smells lovely), coupled with a lemon zest pow, just as if it’s been peeled in front of your eyes.

To harness those elements, until you crack the seal on the screwcap, is a marvel in itself. How does wine manage to keep flavour and aroma so fresh for so long? This German Riesling’s like a freshly cut fruit salad, bursting from the bottle.

Remember those lemon sherbet dips with the lolly in? That’s what’s going to come flooding back when you take the first sip. Wallop. Sherbert surprise, in your wine glass. Allow for some lemony elements to take control, and your taste buds are on Alton Towers’ fastest rollercoaster, hurtling from one high to the next.

It’s a Riesling blast that’ll hug every taste bud of your tongue as a car would the road. The more you slurp, it’s like pushing the pedal to the floor.

It’s not a pedestrian German Riesling. It’s your everyday thoroughbred. No fridge in the land should be without a bottle. Seriously.