It’s not just the liquid itself that’ll bring a smile to the face of any wine buff. There’s a host of wine-related gifts to delight and excite.

Sure, screwcaps have become an accepted way to safely seal bottles these days, but there’s still a whole raft of wines traditionally stoppered with cork.

When you’re opening a prized bottle (and a majority of top red wines have corks in them), why risk a mangled cork by using that clumsy old corkscrew that’s lived in your kitchen drawer for years?

It’s all about the quality of the ‘worm’, that twisty bit that slices down into the cork.

Our Rude Wines Waiter’s Friend corkscrew is made by Flint and Flame, renowned knife makers to star chefs from Monica Galetti to Jean-Christophe Novelli. We can’t guarantee your dishes will be of their standard, but at least you’ll have a top drop to enjoy with your efforts.

Chances are there’ll be more than a bottle of two of sparkling wine or Champagne popped over the festive season. Whilst there’s no law against drinking these from an ordinary wine glass (or even a mug if you like), there’s no doubt the aromas and taste will be much finer from a fancy flute.

The Dartington Crystal Champagne Flutes, made in Devon, are a very smart way to add finesse to your fizz, at just £15 a pair.

In fact, you know when the wine bug’s well-and-truly bitten you when you start obsessing about glassware. Before you know it you can find yourself needing more cupboard space for all the specialist glasses aimed at specific grape varieties.

Just as well Riedel (you could say the Tiffany of the wine glass world) have their multi-tasking Ouverture glasses aimed at lifting your wine-drinking experience, red or white.

Whilst stocks last, you can take advantage of our eight glasses for the price of six, with our Riedel Glasses Ouverture Gift Pack at £75. Less than £10 a glass for Riedel? Wine buff heaven.

If wine glasses aren’t an issue, there’s one wine-lover’s item that’s perfectly timed for the festive season: decanters.

A bit like silk scarves or ties, you simply can’t have enough of them. Really, trust us.

However good the label on your wine, seeing it ‘naked’, glistening in fine crystal on your dinner table showcases it to the max.

At Rude Wines we’ve a very special Riedel decanter for you. The impressive Riedel Cabernet Magnum Decanter (you guessed it, large enough to take a magnum, or two bottles).

And one thing in common with all these wine gifts? They’ll last longer than the wines themselves.