It’s the way you’ll find wines on offer to startle and surprise, to raise smiles and murmurs of appreciation. Wines that are never mediocre, so-so, or average. We’ve banned those, leaving them to those who buy on price alone, just to fill shelf space.

Buying from fans rather than accountants is always going to be your best bet.

The thing is, you know those bottles you pick up every now and again from your local store? They’re there for convenience because the stores know there’s a demand for wine. They’ve not been picked because they’re any good, which is why, frankly, they’re pretty ordinary.

Do you like drinking ordinary? Feel you’re getting the most from mediocre? Thought not. So give your wine the chance it deserves to shine, by buying online from the people who really know what’s value and what quality truly means.

That’s where Rude Wines can help you, whatever your favourite wine is.

We’re constantly scouring all four corners to uncover the really good wines, the ones that’ll have you thinking you’ve struck gold, not dust.

You’ll find that buying your wines from us means you’re never going to have to worry whether you’ve chosen right. That’s because we¬†only deal with wine. It’s a big subject, and one we know inside and out, without getting all heavy about it.

To a big store, it’s simply another category they’ve got to consider. So it’ll come down to the numbers for them. They know that if you don’t like the wine, so what, you bought veg, meat, milk, tinned stuff, pasta, sauces… You’re going to go back for those when they’ll get a second shot at the wine too.

And you know, deep down, you’re back into 50/50 territory once again where the wine’s concerned. Sure, you can console yourself by thinking you got a ‘bargain’, it was reduced so it’s not so bad.

Shame that discount really only sold it to you at the actual price it was worth. It’s how they play, and something that’s well known.

You’ll still have to answer whether or not you want to continue pouring sub-standard plonk down your throat or ponder why you don’t give wine a little more thought. So you’re enjoying every drop.