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Choosing the right blend of red, white, rosé or dessert wines for a case can be a tricky business, especially if you regularly entertain guests or have a household with varying tastes. That’s why a mixed case from Rude Wines could be your saviour. Because we know exactly which red, white and rosé wines are proving to be the most popular in the various price ranges, we can assemble cases that are sure to deliver satisfaction. With a little help from our own dedicated team of tasters who travel the world to sniff out amazing new wine makers, you have the complete package when it comes to mixed cases.

Our mixed cases include seasonal collections and specialised sets, as well as our extra special “medal winners” cases for those extra special occasions. And for the connoisseur who’s willing to pay a little extra but doesn’t want to spend too much time reading wine lists, you can leave that to us too, as we have a very special case designed for your taste.
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  • Wild Wines from the Languedoc

    Wines made from vines clinging to the challenging landscape. Wines of vitality & character like you’ll find nowhere else in France. Wines that’ll have you shaking your head in disbelief at their price. Discover Languedoc & never look back… Read More.

  • Perfect Sunny Day Wines

    Wines designed to make the most of those longed-for sunny days. Sure to make the skies seem even bluer, and sunshine warmer. Whites from Spain, France and northern Italy give you variety and choice with fruity whites. Red wines are lighter in style, even taking to being lightly chilled Read More.

  • 12 of the Best Summer White & Rosé Wines

    If you enjoy trying as many aromatic, refreshing, zippy, and fruity white and pink wines as possible, it's the case to end all cases. Wines you'll be familiar with, like crisp Sauvignon Blanc and fresh Chardonnay. Others that'll more likely be discoveries, like Spanish Godello and rosé with Tannat. It'll have you eager to open the next bottle... Read More.

  • Irresistible Rhône Valley Wines

    All the Rhône wines here are excellent examples of just how good this French wine region can be. There's the Côtes du Rhône Villages that makes all others look bland by comparison, off-the-beaten-track wine finds with Saint-Peray and Lirac. White and red wines to startle and surprise with their value Read More.

  • Southern French Summer Wines

    It just so happens that some of the best wines for warmer, summer months hail from the south of France, itself a popular holiday destination. Whites, like crisp, zingy Picpoul, bring welcome refreshment. Whilst red wines, like the three here, come in a range of friendly styles, up to garrigue-scented barbecue-friendly bottles Read More.

  • Tom Cannavan's First 12 Wines

    It's the case where Tom does the talking - literally. You'll find his video reviews on each of the wines (just click on 'full product information' below, then scroll down to 'Tom Cannavan's Review' and click on the arrow). Comes with free Riedel glasses Read More.

  • Refreshing Rosé Wines

    Whether you're a rosé fan, or yet to be convinced, this is the perfect pink case. Wines that have plenty of fruit flavours, yet are crisp, dry and refreshing. Enjoyable whatever the weather, but somehow all the more exceptional when the sun's beaming down Read More.

  • Grand Italian Wine Tour

    One thing's for certain, you'll not tire of the Italian wines in this case. Taste your way around Italy's rewarding wines, taking in over a dozen uniquely Italian grape varieties and plenty of variety in style too Read More.

  • Outstanding Organic Wines

    A dozen organic wines, all proud to wear their organic certificates. These are wines that don't just stop at being organic. They're wines which have tried to go that bit further and showcase the grape varieties and their region's true potential. Read More.

  • Bumper Summer Wine Case (15-bottles)

    8 reds, 6 whites, 1 rosé make this bumper wine case a summer essential. Wines with character, brimming with quality, that won't blow the budget. Something for all tastes
    Save £21, or 15%, on these superb wines Read More.

  • Classy Italian Wines

    Italian wines now rank among Europe's best value bottles. Red or white, there's a dizzying array of grape varieties to get to know, and so plenty of new discoveries just waiting to be poured. Here's a great start to your journey, covering the length and breadth of Italy Read More.

  • Handpicked Collection - Laura's Wines

    We've let Laura, one of your Wine Advisers, loose in the cellar to pick her dream case of wine. This collection makes up her favourites, 7 red & 5 white wines that'll work with anything from a glass when the children have gone to bed, to a special seafood dinner Read More.

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