Argentinian Wine

In the world’s top ten wine producers by volume, Argentina is now a constant presence, and the influence of Spanish settlers certainly shows through in its winemaking. In many ways, the climate in the regions where the grapes are grown help the industry – coolness and low humidity in the high altitudes help to ensure quality and quantity.

Much of the best quality Argentinian wine comes from the Mendoza region. Located to the East of the nation, bordering Chile, the region is dominated by the foothills of the Andes, and is closer to the Pacific than the Atlantic. It’s where Rude Wines have sourced the pick of our bunch of Argentinian red wines, such as our Suelo Argentino Malbec and Tempranillo Malbec, but also look out for our wonderful white wines in the shape of Chenin blanc and Chardonnays. Argentina is a nation that has truly learnt the art and business of winemaking, and it is certainly on the march to even greater prominence.
Argentinian Wines Argentinian Wines

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