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Can we sum up the majesty, delight and versatility of Italian wine, a cultural phenomenon dating back at least two thousand years, in two paragraphs? Or would it be best to simply scroll down and let the vino do the talking?

Everyone who has raised a glass to the lips will recognise the names Chianti, Pinot grigio. Barolo, Sangiovese, Amarone, Moscato … the list of Italian delights is endless – but Italy is also masterful at growing and producing its own Chardonnays and Syrah, too. We hope you’ll exercise your spirit of adventure and immerse yourself into some of the unbelievable reds, whites and rosés we’ve found on our Italian wine travels. Can you think of a better accompaniment to your speciality pizza or pasta dish? Well, you can try.

4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)

  • Cantina Negrar Valpolicella 2017, Veneto

    Valpolicella, the Italian red wine that comes in no less than four scintillating styles: Amarone, Recioto, Ripasso, and this, 'straight' Valpolicella DOC. As Italian as an Alfa Romeo, it's a sleek, deliciously cherry-ish red wine, and one of the best if you're seeking a wine that goes with almost anything Read More.

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  • Alpha Zeta 'A' Amarone della Valpolicella 2016, Veneto

    The Bugatti of the Italian red wine world. 0-100 on the tastebud scale in seconds. Smooth, sleek, and never 'cheap'. Having said that, we've found one here with all the pedigree, without the bank balance being scuppered. You might even lookup the famous River Cafe's recipe for Amarone risotto. It's a bucket-list dish with flavour you'll take to the grave Read More.

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  • Roero Arneis 2016, Piedmont

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    BUY THREE FOR £35.94 - that's half price! I'd not ordered this wine before and what a pleasant surprise it was. A slight fizz to add a celebratory air. Light, dry but with complex flavours. I usually try to stick to one glass a night but this was just too tempting! Lynn Read More.

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4 Item(s)