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  • Finca Flichman Misterio Malbec 2016, Mendoza

    If the best Malbec wine for you is one that packs a wallop of plush blackberries with aromas of violets and black plums, then this is the red wine for you. Don't worry about the slightly creepy hand behind that label; it's a wonderfully balanced, full-throttle Malbec experience Read More.

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  • Alpha Zeta 'A' Amarone della Valpolicella 2016, Veneto

    The Bugatti of the Italian red wine world. 0-100 on the tastebud scale in seconds. Smooth, sleek, and never 'cheap'. Having said that, we've found one here with all the pedigree, without the bank balance being scuppered. You might even lookup the famous River Cafe's recipe for Amarone risotto. It's a bucket-list dish with flavour you'll take to the grave Read More.

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  • Montes Classic Malbec 2017, Colchagua Valley

    More on the way soon... "Marvellous Montes Malbec", it rolls straight off the tongue. We suggest, it then pours straight into your glass. Montes guarantee to deliver on quality and taste, so why not join us in tasting their 2017 Malbec? Read More.

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