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Winemaking itself is little over a hundred years old on the islands of New Zealand, and a viable export industry did not take root until the 1970s and 1980s. But when it finally arrived in the early 1990s it arrived with a splash, with critics describing New Zealand’s Sauvignon blanc as the best in the world, the result of a happy blend of perfect climate, soil and expertise.

We still get through a fair amount of Kiwi Sauvignon blanc wines, but the nation has branched out to create some sensational Pinots noir and gris, which we dare you not to try. With a whole new generation of growers and makers learning from the original master winemakers, New Zealand wine is definitely one to watch for the future. It looks like the Aussies will be extending their Tasmanian Sea-spanning sporting rivalry ever more to viticulture over the coming decades. We’ll be delightedly watching from the sidelines.

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New Zealand Wines New Zealand Wines

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  • Blank Canvas Syrah 2014, Hawkes Bay

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    Impenetrably inky in the glass, with a super-sexy sheen, I just wanted to devour it regardless of how it stacks up in the aroma and taste stakes... an elegant, fleshy layer to the violet-and-berry-driven palate. Crazy, yes. Tasty, yes. Yvonne Lorkin, Canvas Magazine Read More.

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