South African Wine

It didn’t take long for the first European settlers to realise that South Africa offered an enormous amount of winegrowing potential – getting vineyards up and running was among the first things they did. A Mediterranean climate and ready trade routes by sea and land to the various imperial territories made sure the foothold on the southern tip of Africa soon became an established winegrowing region, eventually exporting Europe’s own varietals back to their homelands in vast quantities.

Today, the maturity of this tradition shines through, and the Rainbow Nation is comfortably situated in the top ten of wine producing nations by quantity and (the bit we’re interested in) quality. Try a Cabernet Merlot, a Chenin blanc, a Chardonnay, a Sauvignon blanc, or any of the varied and ever-growing list of South African wine that we stock. You already know how good it is.
South African Wines South African Wines

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