Sauvignon Blanc

If we were to describe the taste of Sauvignon Blanc as a colour, it would be not white, but green. Wine lovers always seem to associate this fascinating varietal in terms that would be more at home in the herb garden and greengrocer than in a wine. This most evocative of grapes has been known to show gooseberry, lime, green apple, pear, kiwi fruit, passion fruit or green pepper flavours, the occasional reference to freshly cut grass, and also, basil, celery and lemongrass. Perhaps the most famous ‘cat’s pee in a gooseberry bush’ may not immediately endear you to the wine, yet millions of Sauvignon Blanc fans can’t be wrong!

The name comes from the French word “sauvage”, meaning wild, and originates from the west of France where it still produces some of the worlds’ greatest white wines in Bordeaux and Sancerre. Alongside Chardonnay and Riesling, it’s one of the "big three" of the white wine world and is grown pretty much everywhere with hotspots in a diverse range of locations including cool climate Chile, South Africa and of course, New Zealand’s Marlborough Valley.

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