Touriga Franca Wines

If you like Merlot, Malbec or lighter styles of Zinfandel you’ll love wines made with Touriga Franca. This is traditionally a Portuguese red grape variety which is one of the five permitted varieties used in the making of Port. It is a high quality grape that adds finesse to any wine. It is the most widely planted grape in the Douro Valley where it is also used for making dry red wines which are often full-bodied and dark coloured with floral aromas and the taste of blackberry. Game, red meats such as beef and lamb or mushroom dishes pair nicely with dry Touriga Franca wines and Port pairs brilliantly with hard or blue cheeses.

7 Item(s)

7 Item(s)

  • Francos Reserva 2015, Lisboa

    Top Portuguese wines don't get much better than this sumptuous, velvety red wine from Lisbon. Made in a full-bodied, rich style that's beautifully smooth and satisfying, this is one of those reds that'll have people murmuring their appreciation around the dinner table. A worth 'twice the price' wine Read More.

  • Vila Regia 2016, Douro

    Be amazed at how such a jam-packed-with-flavour wine can just be 12.5% alcohol. Thanks to grapes ripened in the idyllic Douro Valley, and the magic touch of top winemaker Luís Sottomayor. Portuguese wine that gives astounding value for money Read More.

  • Sandeman Unfiltered LBV 2013

    This Port was bottled unfiltered which means there are the right conditions for it to age. It is rich and dense with jammy black fruits and ripe tannins. Dried black plums and dates are backed up by a dry core and by fine acidity Wine Spectator 90 pts Read More.


7 Item(s)

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