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Enjoying a glass of good wine at the end of a busy day is how serial entrepreneur Tony likes to unwind. And, frustrated with the mediocre bottles he regularly came across, gave him the inspiration to launch Rude Wines. Tony's energy and enthusiasm are the driving force behind Rude's approach to wine.

Tony can frequently be found in our tasting room trying new discoveries from around the world. Whilst he enjoys classics from Burgundy, Bordeaux, and Italy, his tastes are as varied as his business interests.


Deborah, or Debs to her friends, has a huge passion for exquisite wines and an appetite for sales, with more than ten years’ experience in the wine trade.

She’s a bit of a Sauvignon fan and rates the Les Hauts de Bel Air Sauvignon Blanc as one of her favourite Rude wines, perfect dinner party material with a great Dover Sole.


With decades of experience in the wine trade, Gerald has been sourcing all of our wines since the company started in 2013.

When he’s not on his mission to discover the next new wine trends, he loves spending time with a rather large brood of grandchildren and watching any and every sport. Food and wine heaven is roast lamb with a classic Bordeaux, Chateau Bonnin Pichon.

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After a lifetime working for large corporates, Mark is now enjoying that special combination – finance and wine! On weekends Mark takes on the mantle of amateur palaeontologist and occasionally brings his hoard in to the office (along with the odd delicious loaf of home baked bread).

He’s a red wine drinker at heart, with a soft spot for the Agostino Inicio Malbec with a spicy lamb curry.


With a finger in pretty much every pie, Caroline ensures the smooth running of the office and an endless supply of one-liners to keep everyone amused.

A keen walker, she nevertheless prefers the more sedentary activity of sitting in the sun with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Her favourite Rude tipple is the Evidence par Caroline.

Customer Services Team

Our super-efficient wine advisers are a very friendly bunch and love to talk about wine! If you’d rather talk to a real person than place your order online or by email, give them a call to talk through your requirements - they would be more than happy to help!


The doyenne of customer services, Michelle‘s favourite part of the job is providing excellent service to our customers on a daily basis, and of course tasting wine. She’s a fan of all things history-related, but likes her wines young and fresh, rather than old and dusty - in particular the crisp, dry Baron de Badassière Picpoul de Pinet.

Customer Services

Part of our indispensable customer services team, a good day in the office for Lindsay involves helping customers to find the right wines to suit their tastes. She’s a bit of a gym bunny but also loves walking her dog and is partial to a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon with roast lamb.

Customer Services

Patricia is your first port of call for orders and queries and loves receiving feedback from happy customers. She enjoys a good thriller and travelling and has a bit of a penchant for Italian wines, especially the Salento I Muri with a big plate of pasta.

Sales Team



Bridget loves a good natter and when she’s not waxing lyrical about Rude wines on the phone to our customers, she’ll probably be recommending wines to her friends. Her Friday night treat is the Prosecco Superiore Uvaggio Storico with olives and bruschetta (and plenty of gossip).


Confident, ambitious, and a natural joker. Loves a good Merlot. Medieval history fan in his spare time. That lead into the history of wine, and that lead me to want a career in wine. When not at work either at the gym, rugby or with my mates socialising or traveling.


With over 10 years in the wine trade, Arfon still relishes in finding the hidden Gems out there like our Israelian Clos de Gat Range; and sharing these with customers. When he is not chatting on the phone, he loves spending time with his children, and as much time as possible in the great outdoors especially down at the allotment. Unwinding once the kids have gone to bed, he enjoys nothing more than cooking; usually accompanied by a good glass of Ribera del Duero Red or Rioja in hand.


Laura likes to keep the office on their toes with words transposed, our current favourite being ‘clipfart’ instead of ‘flipchart’. She’s mad about Zumba and fruity Rioja Villa del Camino, although generally not at the same time.

Wine Buyer

Former chef Rob spent eighteen years travelling the world with his saucepans, discovering a love of wine along the way. Back in the Shire, our resident Michelangelo enjoys a spot of sculpture, running and photography but normally ends the day concocting recipes with a glass of wine - preferably Loire Sauvignon Blanc – in hand.

Trade Sales

Gary has come full circle, having previously worked in the wine industry for 17 years, a nine and a half year sabbatical in the Bill Payment sector was a long enough break to then spark a return to wine. He likes nothing more that enjoying a bottle or two of the stunning Lirac Moulin des Chenes either in the comfort of his home or his plush Caravan!!


With over 25 years in the wine trade, Angelika knows a thing or two about getting our precious cargo from A to B. A native Austrian, she finds it hard to understand our love of Marmite, yet the Herefordshire countryside more than makes up for our strange foods.

When pushed, she will concede that a glass of classic Rioja Reserva with roast beef is hard to beat.

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Logistics Team

Where would we be without them? Our warehouse and stock team ensure that everything is where it should be and handled with the utmost care, before onward delivery to your door.

Head of

Chris comes to Rude Wines having not long completed building his own house. He's been involved in the logistical side of things for some 30 years, many within the wine trade, experience that's bearing fruit in our cellars.

Outside of work, he's breeds Newfoundland dogs, keeps a horse, and is partial to either Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc or Rosé Champagne.

Stock Controller

Myles’ training as junior international shove ha’penny champion was all the prep he needed for a life in wine sales and stock control, always on hand to get the next batch of wines in. Drag him away from the warehouse and you might find him out on a bracing walk in the countryside or with a glass of Riesling and a melancholic coming of age film.

Senior Warehouse

The fastest pallet packer in the west, Shaun loves a busy day in the warehouse and likes to unwind with his children or watching a game of rugby. His love of Formula One ties in nicely with his favourite Rude wine – Charles Valendray Brut champagne, probably accompanied by a Friday night curry.


Sam combines working in the warehouse with a love of music, including writing, gigging with his band and watching live music as much as physically possible. He hasn’t yet serenaded the rest of the warehouse team, but we think it may only be a matter of time. Although not much of a drinker, Sam copes with the in-house tastings remarkably well and agrees that Rhone wines are not at all bad!


Charles’ knowledge of all things stock related is a wonder to behold, almost matched by his love of Cheltenham Town football club (well, someone has to). He’s also a bit of a red wine fan, particularly the Alta Corte and the Casas del Bosque Pinot Noir, preferably served with game pie.


Keeping our books in ship-shape order, Jane’s prowess with figures isn’t her only talent. From ballet dancing to cycling Herefordshire’s country lanes, to helping out at her local rowing club, Jane’s not one to sit still.

When she does, it’s likely to be with a good book and a glass of Clos de Gat Har’el Merlot (one of our Israeli specialities).

Marketing Team

This is where it all takes shape. Lots of blue sky and outside the box thinking in order to get our wines and their stories to you, but luckily we’ve got our finger on the pulse rather than our head in the clouds.

Marketing Executive

Content writer Kate’s love of wine was fuelled by her passion for travel and languages, although GCSE Welsh unfortunately didn’t come in handy everywhere on her round the world trip. She is particularly partial to Spanish reds with pizza.

Senior Digital
Marketing Executive

We all bow to Andrew’s knowledge of everything digital as much as his amazing array of healthy snacks. His desert island wine would be a classic Cru Bourgeois Medoc, possibly with a side order of goji berries.

Marketing Executive

The publishing world’s loss is our gain, with David’s internet wizardry a key asset for us. Away from the screen, music’s a massive influence – especially ‘70’s rock (though thankfully he’s lost the flares).

Keen photography nut, David’s new to the world of wine, though he’s already shown outstanding taste, with John Duval’s “Plexus” his first top bottle at Rude.


Working out which words best describe our wines, Damien’s interest in writing is matched by a fascination for the world of wine. If pushed to pick a favourite, it’d have to be Italian – preferably a stunning Sangiovese or Nebbiolo.

Away from work, he’s a fan of the outdoors, film and a keen ‘foodie’.

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