Our Wine Buyer

Our expert wine buyer Gerald has been in the wine trade since 1969 - and thanks to his black book of contacts we’re able to secure great prices on some extra-special wines. We offer our great value prices to our customers in return for their continued support of the people behind our outstanding wines - whether they’re upcoming winemakers or have been crafting artisan wine for generations.

Gerald has been inducted into many ‘orders’ in France over the years including Member of the Jurade de St Emilion, Honorary Commander du Bontemps Medoc, Graves, Sauternes and Barsac, and has received many personal awards for his buying expertise.

When asked what his favourite wine is he replied “That’s impossible to answer. However, ask me my favourite areas and I’ll immediately answer Bordeaux and Rhone.”

Gerald’s favourite food and wine pairing is Claret and lamb, however he also adds that it’s not worth worrying too much about what goes with what. “Drink what you like and experiment gently. You will soon find out what wines you like with what food.”

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