Altos Las Hormigas Mendoza Tinto 2017

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Altos Las Hormigas Mendoza Tinto 2017
Altos Las Hormigas Mendoza Tinto 2017 Altos Las Hormigas Mendoza Tinto 2017 Altos Las Hormigas Mendoza Tinto 2017 Altos Las Hormigas Mendoza Tinto 2017 Altos Las Hormigas Mendoza Tinto 2017 Altos Las Hormigas Mendoza Tinto 2017 Altos Las Hormigas Mendoza Tinto 2017

Remember Malbec was once a key blending variety in Bordeaux, so it's no surprise that it can still play that role here in Argentina. You may even have heard of Bonarda, another terrific red wine grape variety that's doing great things there.

But, when we tell you there's 7% Semillon, that other Bordeaux grape variety, but one that's white, you're bound to raise your eyebrows. What's going on here then?

Turns out, with Alberto Antononi as one of the winemakers, it's actually a nod to his native Tuscany, where you'd often find Chianti taking a few white wine varieties to 'lift' the refreshment factor in the wine. Who'd have thought it, huh?

A more refreshing Malbec blend you'll be hard-pressed to find. With each of the three varieties made into wine separately, and then blended (no oak used here at all), the skill of the Altos Las Hormigas winemakers is clear by those fresh flavours dancing across your tongue.

Take Malbec, that other terrific Argentinian red wine grape variety, Bonarda, then add a splash of... Semillon? What? The white wine grape that makes some of Bordeaux and Australia's best white wines? What the gauchos is going on here?!
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Grape Variety

ArrayBonarda, Malbec, Semillon




Medium-Bodied Red



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ArrayBBQ, Indian, Sausages



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The Producer

In 1995 Tuscans Alberto Antonini and Antonio Morescalchi discovered the vineyards of Mendoza. Later they returned with friends, Pedro Parra, Attilio Pagli, and Leonardo Erazo to found Altos Las Hormigas with the aim of making top Argentinian wines.

The Altos Las Hormigas winery is based in the appellation of Luján de Cuyo, the only official region within Mendoza. They're Malbec specialists, and between the five friends draw upon the wine cultures of Italy, Argentina, Chile and California, with Pedro's unrivalled knowledge of terroir.

The Winemaker

Winemaking is in the expert hands of Alberto Antonini, Attilio Pagli and Leonardo Erazo.
They believe that "Co-operation with nature is our creed as viticulturists, applying natural and biodynamic methods to enhance life in the soil, and health in the plants."

This Malbec is a collection of hand-harvested grapes from different vineyards which are fermented separately before the final blend. Each tank of Malbec is tasted three times a day to determine what is needed.
It was then aged for a minimum of 18 months, 25% in untoasted large oak barrels, and another six months in bottle before release.

The Region

Altos Las Hormigas' Uco Valley vineyards cover 88 hectares with 56 in production. They're located about 80 miles from Mendoza city. 'Valle de Uco', as the locals call it, has a mountain-influenced climate. The winemakers believe that it is this terroir that gives the Malbec its unique character, balance and higher natural acidity.

The Uco Valley vineyards are part of 206 hectares that were purchased in the rural township of Lujan de Cuyo and planted in 1996. The vineyards range from 100 - 800 meters above sea level and face the touring Andes.
As well as Malbec, the red variety Bonarda is also planted at Alton Las Hormigas.
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