Bodega Colomé Estate Salta Malbec 2016, Calchaquí Valley

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Bodega Colomé Estate Salta Malbec 2016, Calchaquí Valley
Bodega Colomé Estate Salta Malbec 2016, Calchaquí Valley Bodega Colomé Estate Salta Malbec 2016, Calchaquí Valley Bodega Colomé Estate Salta Malbec 2016, Calchaquí Valley Bodega Colomé Estate Salta Malbec 2016, Calchaquí Valley Bodega Colomé Estate Salta Malbec 2016, Calchaquí Valley Bodega Colomé Estate Salta Malbec 2016, Calchaquí Valley Bodega Colomé Estate Salta Malbec 2016, Calchaquí Valley

Bodegas Colomé lays claim to being Argentina's oldest winery and owning the world's highest vineyard. So what does that mean for their wines? With time comes experience, and that's invaluable with wine. You get the chance to really understand the vines and when the grapes are just right for harvesting, plus there's ample time to get things just right in the winery too.

All this shine through in this powerfully-flavoured Malbec wine, one of the best we've encountered from Argentina. Fruit comes from four vineyards (the highest at 10,200 feet), and everything that happens during the winemaking is aimed at crafting in impressive, full-throttle Malbec experience. Think blackberry, cassis, dark chocolate, but bright and uplifting too. Marvellously majestic Malbec.

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Featured in Decanter Magazine's 'Great Value Malbec from Argentina: A buying guide' in September 2018 and has four out of five stars on Vivino. This full-bodied red benefits from being opened a few hours before drinking to really allow the wine to open up. Then it's smooth texture and character of stewed plums, cacao and cassis really shine through.
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The Producer

More than 180 years of history has gone into producing Bodega Colomé's excellent quality wines. It's also one of the oldest wineries in Argentina that belonged the Isasmendi-Dávalos family for 170 years before recently being acquired by Donald Hess, whose family have long established roots in winemaking.

The Bodega was founded by Spanish Governor of Salta, Nicolás Severo de Isasmendi y Echalar in 1831. In 1854 the first French vines were brought over and planted by his daughter and son-in-law. These vines are still used in the production of Colomé Reserva wines.

The Winemaking

Before harvesting the grapes are always sampled to check the quality and maturity. Bodega Colomé ferments the wine with indigenous yeasts and has a minimum intervention policy in all processes. Thanks to the altitude of the area, grapes generate adequate natural acidity so no additives are needed. The flavours are enhanced by the sparing use of wood. This aims to preserve the distinct flavour, the freshness, the intensity and natural robustness obtained in Colomé.

The Region

Colomé vineyards are located in the upper part of the Calchaquí Valleys, Salta. This is considered to be the world’s highest altitude wine growing region. Vineyards range from 2,300 to 3,111 metres above sea level.

Four estate vineyards create Bodegas Colomé wines. Colomé, El Arenal, La Brava and Altura Máxima are blended to achieve the unique expression of Malbec. Each vineyard brings a different element to the wine from weight to aromatics, from fruit to freshness. Producing wines at a higher altitude means much less UV protection for a grape. This causes the grape to create a thicker skin for protection, this, in turn, delivers a more robust taste with fresh acidity to support it.

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Blackened Steak With Red Wine Jus

Rump steak calls for a Malbec to square up to the dense structure of the meat. It's perfection.
Rich, plumy structured reds with some oak ageing, just like this Colomé Estate Salta Malbec, 2016 will definitely leave you wanting more.
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Roasted Quail Wrapped in Prosciutto

The classic gamey flavours of quail combined with salty ham call for a rich, decadent, earthy red wine with a liberal dash of spice. This sounds distinctly like a good Argentinian Malbec, try our Colomé Estate Salta Malbec 2016 for starters.
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Mushroom Risotto and Caramelised Onions

The wholesome, rich and earthy flavours of mushroom risotto pair perfectly with aged and oaked reds. As this risotto is baked it gives you the opportunity to crack open a bottle of Colomé Estate Salta Malbec 2016 and relax while the risotto cooks.
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