Château Cassemichère Rosè 2017, Loire

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Château Cassemichère Rosè 2017, Loire
Château Cassemichère Rosè 2017, Loire Château Cassemichère Rosè 2017, Loire Château Cassemichère Rosè 2017, Loire Château Cassemichère Rosè 2017, Loire Château Cassemichère Rosè 2017, Loire Château Cassemichère Rosè 2017, Loire Château Cassemichère Rosè 2017, Loire

Rosè wines are all about fresh, bright fruit flavours, crisp refreshment and that inviting colour. With this Loire Valley rosè that's exactly what you'll find.

It's made by Cassemichère, the estate which lays claim to having the very first vines to make Muscadet, the famous Loire white wine. It skillfully blends Gamay, Grolleau, and Cabernet Franc to give a delightfully orange-rosè colour, bags of zippy, fruity refreshment, and a crisp dry finish.

If you think what Gamay gives to red wines, then you'll be on the right track with your expectations of its rosè equivalent. Knockout value Loire pink wine.

Here's a rosè wine that should be in every fridge this summer. It's a blend of three grape varieties from the Loire, made by a rather good Muscadet producer. It's the sort of rosè wine that has no pretences, just aimed at giving you maximum enjoyment
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Grape Variety

ArrayCabernet Franc, Gamay




Light and Fruity Rosé



Food Match

ArrayChicken, Goats' Cheese, Shellfish



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The Producer

Château Cassemichère in the Loire Valley is better known for its white Muscadet wines. In fact, it was the first place recorded that Melon de Bourgogne (which makes Muscadet) was planted, by monks who'd brought it from Burgundy.

Now they have 45 hectares of vineyard dedicated to producing fine Loire wines.

The Winemaker

Château Cassemichère made it's name producing Muscadet and has since developed to produce to other Loire grape varieties under the watchful eye of winemaker Phillipe. The 45 hectares of vines were originally planted in 1740 and have been producing quality Loire wines since the first vintage.

The Region

The climate in the Nantais region is very different to that of the rest of the Loire Valley. With close proximity to the Atlantic, the climate is temperate and wetter than vineyards further inland, with poor soils ideally suited to make fresh, dry whites, crisp rosè and light-bodied reds.
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Prawn Croquettes

A great snack or tapas dish, these prawn croquettes just need a drop of fresh, fruity rosé to set them off. Try the Château Cassemichère Rosè for a sublime match.
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Pea And Goats' Cheese Risotto

Risottos pair well with both reds and whites so consider the other ingredients when choosing a wine match - the combination of sweet peas and salty goats cheese call for a vibrant white or Loire rosè brimming with ripe fruit flavour.

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Gorgonzola Stuffed Chicken Breast Wrapped in Pancetta

Plump for a ripe, fruity white or rosé to contrast with the salty tang that the pancetta and cheese bring to the dish. Our Château Cassemichère Rosè is a great option.
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