Château Citran 2010 Haut-Médoc, Bordeaux

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Château Citran 2010 Haut-Médoc, Bordeaux
Château Citran 2010 Haut-Médoc, Bordeaux Château Citran 2010 Haut-Médoc, Bordeaux Château Citran 2010 Haut-Médoc, Bordeaux Château Citran 2010 Haut-Médoc, Bordeaux Château Citran 2010 Haut-Médoc, Bordeaux Château Citran 2010 Haut-Médoc, Bordeaux Château Citran 2010 Haut-Médoc, Bordeaux

So what did 2010 bring to great Bordeaux red wines? A sunny summer allowed for gentle ripening, with the good weather continuing through to harvest. This allowed for a leisurely picking, choosing plot by plot which to pick first.

Merlot came in first, from early to mid-October, followed by the much smaller Cabernet Franc crop, and Cabernet Sauvignon were picked at the end of the month. The final blend is 55% Merlot, 42% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 2% Cabernet Franc, giving a beautifully balanced wine with 8-10 years ageing potential.

With its powerful, broad palate, and superb balance, this is an outstanding claret for those special occasions.

2005 and 2010 vintages also available.

In the Haut-Médoc, where the gravelly soils are at their most noticeable in Bordeaux's 'left bank', you'll find Château Citran. A classy red wine that shows the amazing potential of this famous wine region, without emptying your bank balance
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Percentage Alcohol




Grape Variety

ArrayCabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot




ArrayMedium-Bodied Red, Oaked Red



Food Match

ArrayCheese (Strong), Game Meats, Lamb



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The Producer

One of the oldest of the Médoc houses, there is a mention of Citran dating back to 1235. The vineyard size was increased in the 19th Century with Citran becoming one of the most important châteaux in the early 20th Century. Huge investment in recent years has lead to rave reviews and a wine that punches well above its weight.


The wines are vinified in the traditional Bordeaux method with hand harvesting and sorting of the best grapes. The wines go through fermentation in barrel followed by ageing in both new and one year old French oak. The wines are fined with egg whites and bottled at the château.

The Region

If you had to think of one wine region in the world as being home to some of the world's greatest red wines, then the Médoc would be a top candidate.

This is one of France's wine jewels, a Bordeaux region which has some of the planet's biggest wine stars within it. Not tiny by any means; in fact, Médoc together with neighbour Graves produce over 100 times the volume of Burgundy's great red wines.

Here Cabernet Sauvignon is king, creating some of the most praised and expensive wines around (especially in the Haut-Médoc, where the gravelly soils are most common).
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Lamb with Courgettes

We love this summery lamb recipe combining the delicate flavour of the chops with fresh veg and salty feta. The lamb needs a red wine, so this mature, earthy, fragrant red with smooth tannins will match it perfectly. The Château Citran 2010 will be a delightful match. .
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Game Sausage Rolls

Who needs a plain old sausage roll when you can have a game sausage roll? The ultimate buffet nibble, these will go nicely with a medium-bodied red such as the Château Citran from Haut-Médoc with its rich, dark fruit flavours to pair with the gamey notes.
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The rich combination of potato, cheese, bacon and garlic could stop anyone in their tracks so pick ripe reds with good acidity or structured whites which will both cut through the delicious stodge! We recommend you pair classic French with classic Franch and try the Château Citran with your tartiflette.
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