Château Martinolles Le Garriguet, Limoux 2016

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Château Martinolles Le Garriguet, Limoux 2016
Château Martinolles Le Garriguet Château Martinolles Le Garriguet, Limoux 2016 Château Martinolles Le Garriguet, Limoux 2016 Château Martinolles Le Garriguet, Limoux 2016 Château Martinolles Le Garriguet, Limoux 2016 Château Martinolles Le Garriguet, Limoux 2016 Château Martinolles Le Garriguet, Limoux 2016 Château Martinolles Le Garriguet, Limoux 2016 Château Martinolles Le Garriguet, Limoux 2016 Château Martinolles Le Garriguet, Limoux 2016

Mainly Merlot, followed by Syrah, then Cabernet Sauvignon in this classic Limoux red.

A very classy style of red wine, with each individual grape variety made separately, then blended. Once the final mix has been decided upon, it's into barrels for 60% of the wine for an eight-month sojourn. Afterwards, it's reunited with the remainder, and into the bottles.

A powerfully structured wine that'll provide an ideal centrepiece for any dinner table.

The second of our Limoux duo, here it's the red grapes doing all the talking. A trio of varieties in perfect harmony
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Percentage Alcohol




Grape Variety

ArrayCabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah / Shiraz




ArrayFull-Bodied Red, Oaked Red



Food Match

ArrayBeef, Cheese (Strong), Chocolate



Regular Price: £12.99

Special Price £10.99

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The Producer

Just 15 minutes south of Carcassonne, the famous medieval walled-city (think ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves’ which was part-filmed there), you’ll find Martinolles. Its 30ha see olive, pine and oak trees surrounding the vineyards, where eight grape varieties thrive in this stunning landscape. (You can stay here too, if you fancy a great escape.)

Certified by Terra Vitis for its sustainable methods in the vineyards, Martinolles enjoys a Mediterranean climate with the benefit of cooling breezes from the Pyrenees. Its range takes in the sparkling Limoux and superb barrel-aged Chardonnay and luscious Limoux red blends.

Part of Domaines Paul Mas since 2011, we import two wines from this exciting estate giving you the best possible value.
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The Winemaker

Jean-Claude Mas didn’t start out as a winemaker. Though his father grew grapes, and he grew up with a love and appreciation for wine, it was marketing and advertising that first drew Mas’s attention.

Wine and winemaking came on the radar in the early ‘90’s, and he learnt in Bordeaux and from master Italian winemaker Giorgio Grai. The scene was set for Jean-Claude to take over the reins of the family business in 1999.

The objective was clear from the start. To draw upon the rich resources of his native Languedoc and produce wines that had genuine appeal based upon their flavours and style.

Then the family’s vineyards totalled 35ha. Today, Jean-Claude’s empire covers 11 estates and 600ha, with another 1,312ha providing grapes from trusted partner growers.

So, chances are, you’ve come across one of his wines, possibly the ‘Arrogant Frog’ label that’s done so well around the world. He started out focusing on the export market, believing “Selling wine to the French is like selling hamburgers to Americans.”
His objective is to be 100% organic by 2023. Across his huge size of vineyards, that’s no mean feat.

The Region

Part of the larger, sprawling Languedoc region, Limoux is famous for being the birthplace of sparkling wine in France. Monks at Saint Hilaire worked it out in 1544, years before Dom Perignon came on the scene.

Things are strict in Limoux. For white wines, you must pick by hand, you must use barrels for fermentation and ageing (the latter for at least seven months after vintage), and you must use lees stirring.

Reds must be of at least three varieties, with Merlot making up a minimum of 50%. You can play with Côt, Grenache and Syrah (min. 30%), Carignan (max. 10%), and Cabernets Sauvignon and Franc (up to 20%). Again, they must be aged for at least seven months (in barrel or tank) before release.

That’s good; it means you know you’re going to get a cracking wine from here. No shortcuts allowed.
And notice the ageing too; wines from here are ready to drink, although they’ll improve with bottle age too.
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