La Giustiniana Lugarara Gavi di Gavi 2018, Piedmont

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La Giustiniana Lugarara Gavi di Gavi 2018, Piedmont
La Giustiniana Lugarara Gavi di Gavi 2018, Piedmont La Giustiniana Lugarara Gavi di Gavi 2018, Piedmont La Giustiniana Lugarara Gavi di Gavi 2018, Piedmont La Giustiniana Lugarara Gavi di Gavi 2018, Piedmont La Giustiniana Lugarara Gavi di Gavi 2018, Piedmont La Giustiniana Lugarara Gavi di Gavi 2018, Piedmont La Giustiniana Lugarara Gavi di Gavi 2018, Piedmont

If you asked what Italy's best white wine is, Gavi will be high amongst the answers. So just what is it that makes Gavi so special?

Made from the Cortese grape, sounding like an extra in a Godfather movie, Gavi is up in north-west Italy, near Genoa. Close to the town of Gavi, you'll find the Gavi di Gavi DOCG region, which is also where you'll find some of Italy's best white wines.

Tangy, zesty, intense (in the best examples, like this), and, above all, refreshing.

Some have called it Italy's answer to Chablis, but we think that's a bit too easy. Both white wines are delicious and certainly unique (remember that 'tastes a bit like chicken' with food?).

Just like Pinot Grigio, fame has led to a swathe of poor imitations. With those you'll just be sipping on a white that lacks authentic character and body. And there's no fun in fake body and character, whether with a human or with wine.

Giustiniana's single-vineyard 'Lugarara' entices you with aromas of pear, golden apples, citrus, and that Gavi hallmark, roasted almonds. Flavour-wise, you'll be looking for ripe peach, fleshy and juicy, an overall sensation of 'oneness' and a long, clean finish.

With a few years in bottle, there'll be a bit more richness, with natural flavours coming through. Seafood - bring it on. Grilled tuna steaks - perfect. A fresh salad with tomatoes and feta cheese - delicious.

Awe-inspiring Gavi experts La Giustiniana.... their elite Crus, Montessora and Lugarara, are the finest of their kind. Matthew Jukes, Money Week
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The Producer

The Giustiniana estate stretches out over 110 hectares, with 40 under vine and at high altitudes of between 300-500m above sea level near the commune of Roverto. The estate has banned all use of pesticides and yields are kept very low to retain the pure fruit character. With a winemaking history going back as far as 1250, the Giustiniana family became owners in the only slightly more recent past, in 1625. The single vineyard Gavi di Gavis are the estate's flagship wines, both with a unique and very different character.
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The Winemaker

Consultant winemaker Donato Lanati began working with the estate in 1998 and all of the wines bear his hallmark of quality and precision. Recent innovations in the winery, including the use of cutting-edge, computerised tanks and the estate's own bottling line haven't detracted from century-old traditions, with the two elements in perfect harmony in this beautiful estate.

The Region

The Gavi area sits the south-eastern corner of Piedmont, to the north of Genoa. The clue is in the name here as Piedmont means the 'foot of the mountains' - the Alps to be precise - and the region enjoys a warm climate with low rainfall thanks to the proximity of the Alps to the north and the Apennines to the south. These rolling hills are home to more DOCG wines (the highest quality level of Italian wines), than anywhere else in Italy, not to mention the birthplace of the Slow Food movement.
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Roast Chicken with Garlic & Lemon

Roast chicken is an extremely versatile dish to pair with both light reds and whites. The addition of lemon needs a white with zesty, citrus notes to complement the chicken juices - try La Giustiniana Lugarara Gavi di Gavi 2018, Piedmont for the suitably lemony tones.
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Seafood Paella

More often matched with fruity reds, for a different Paella pairing try a crisp, lemony white which will contrast nicely with the seafood in the dish. Go for La Giustiniana Lugarara Gavi di Gavi, it won't disappoint you.
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Provencal Style Scallops

A simple way with scallops, this Provencal dish uses white wine and parsley to add freshness to the dish, so head for whites with crisp mineral flavours, just like the La Giustiniana Lugarara Gavi di Gavi.
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