Justino's Madeira Colheita 1996 (37.5cl)

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Justino's Madeira Colheita 1996 (37.5cl)
Justino's Madeira Colheita 1996 (37.5cl) Justino's Madeira Colheita 1996 (37.5cl) Justino's Madeira Colheita 1996 (37.5cl) Justino's Madeira Colheita 1996 (37.5cl) Justino's Madeira Colheita 1996 (37.5cl) Justino's Madeira Colheita 1996 (37.5cl) Justino's Madeira Colheita 1996 (37.5cl)

Single vintage (or colheita in Portuguese) Madeira that's had a long, slow ageing takes this superb fortified wine to new heights of elegance.

Here it's the Tinta Negra Mole grape variety that steals the show. Harvested back in September 1996 (when the Spice Girls were in the charts, and Steffi Graf won the US Open), they're turned into wine, with the fermentation stopped by adding neutral grape spirit. Then it's into barrels for a long maturation lasting years.

Deep amber in colour, with aromas of raisins and rich cake, a luscious palate of toasted almonds - an extraordinary taste sensation. One sip and you'll be hooked on vintage Madeira forever.

You could think of good Madeira as the antique furniture of the wine world. With the elements of time and heat instrumental in its production, this fabulously rich, sweet nectar takes on shades of wood - think oak and walnut.
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Grape Variety

Tinta Negra Mole




ArraySweet White, Oaked White



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ArrayBlue Cheese, Chocolate, Desserts



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The Producer

Justino's Madeira traces its roots back to 1870, when it was called Justino Henriques. That, of course, gives it an enviable stock of older vintages, and considerable expertise in the vinification, production, and ageing of Madeira wines.

Since the mid-1990s Justino's have relocated from Funchal to a new winery in Cancela, where they combine their know-how with the latest in winemaking technology. It's given them a prominent role in promoting Madeira wine around the globe, with Justino's (and Colombo, their other brand) found in over 30 countries.

Humble beginnings to major Madeira player haven't altered Justino's steadfast commitment to producing the very best of this tiny island's wines.


One of the world's longest-lived wines, vintage Madeira is a rare treat. One you can thank, in part, the Royal Navy for discovering. Using barrels of fortified wine as ballast before crossing the Atlantic to the Carribean, those that made it, undrunk, across the equator took on a magical new character.

Warmth had maderised them, and the best had crossed the equator twice. Today the island replicates the sea journies of the past in two ways: keeping the best wines in warm attics for many years, and, for the less pricey wines, in large tanks for three months at 45°C.

The Region

Shakespeare's Falstaff to the unfortunate Duke of Clarence, who drowned himself in a cask of Madeira rather than be executed by his brother's orders, Madeira's colourful history features throughout English history.

It was English merchants who were instrumental in popularising the wine, and its renown spread around the empire and was enthusiastically adopted by the Americans.

Found 600 kms off the west coast of Africa, Madeira is a volcanic island of dramatic landscapes. It's not easy territory to grow vines. Most are on tiny terraces, known as poios, with walls surrounding them for protection. The traditional pergola method of training the vines creates a stunning patchwork-like appearance to the vineyards.

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