Maison Les Alexandrins Condrieu 2016, Rhône

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Maison Les Alexandrins Condrieu 2016, Rhône
Maison Les Alexandrins Condrieu 2016, Rhône Maison Les Alexandrins Condrieu 2016, Rhône Maison Les Alexandrins Condrieu 2016, Rhône Maison Les Alexandrins Condrieu 2016, Rhône Maison Les Alexandrins Condrieu 2016, Rhône Maison Les Alexandrins Condrieu 2016, Rhône Maison Les Alexandrins Condrieu 2016, Rhône

Quite simply, Condrieu is the home of Viognier and produces some of the very best Viognier wines. Their prowess was recognised by the Popes of Avignon centuries ago, but it almost became extinct, with only 10 hectares left at one point. Today you can experience Viognier at its zenith thanks to the determination of a small handful of Viognier enthusiasts.

Always a heady, aromatic experience, with pineapple, peach and lychees flooding from the glass. There is an elegance and charm only found with Condrieu, and hints of spice are gently integrated to make this a magically evocative white wine experience.

Push the boat out and pair with something suitably grand. Lobster, shellfish, or rose veal would be superb choices.

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There's only one place to find the best Viognier, and that's in the northern Rhône in the small appellation of Condrieu. Risen like a phoenix from the ashes, this is a white wine that'll leave a lasting impression
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Northern Rhône

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ArrayPork, Spicy Foods

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The Producer

In 2015 “Domaine et Maison Les Alexandrins” was established. It is a collaboration of three figures of Northern Rhone winemaking. Nicolas Jaboulet, 6th generation of a winegrowing family in Tain l’Hermitage, Guillaume Sorrel, son of Marc Sorrel of Domaine Sorrel in Hermitage, and Alexandre Caso, specialist in the terroirs of the Northern Rhone.

This collaboration made it possible for the three to pursue the dream of making Northern Rhone wines that embody pure classicism. They do this by buying parcels of fruit from some of the top growers in each appellation in the Northern Rhône.


Maison Les Alexandrins is a natural evolution of former Maison Nicolas Perrin.
The aim of Maison Les Alexandrins is to create a more contemporary style of Northern Rhône wine. The team are modernising the traditional winemaking techniques of the Northern Rhône. Instead of owning vineyards Maison Les Alexandrins buys parcels of fruit from top growers in choice appellations of the Northern Rhône.
This technique allows for the winemakers to show a more varied style of Rhône wines.

This Viognier is aged partly in tanks and partly in barrels of 225 litres. Maturing on fine lees for 8 months before bottling.

The Region

Nicolas Jaboulet, Guillaume Sorrel and Alexandre Caso make the most of real treasures, often forgotten or old vines on exceptional terroirs, to achieve the finest expression of the Condrieu appellation on the right bank of the Northern Rhône.
Condrieu is the northernmost white wine appellation in the Rhône Valley and you will mostly find the Viognier vines growing on narrow terraces of granite soil. This signature soil is thought to enhance the tell-tale peach and apricot flavours of Condrieu. It is also, just one of the reasons why the Maison Les Alexandrins chose the vineyards of Côteau de Cherry and Côteau de Rozay for their grape parcels.

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