Millefiori Rosso del Veneto Appassimento 2015, Veneto

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Millefiori Rosso del Veneto Appassimento 2015, Veneto
Millefiori Rosso del Veneto Appassimento 2015, Veneto Millefiori Rosso del Veneto Appassimento 2015, Veneto Millefiori Rosso del Veneto Appassimento 2015, Veneto Millefiori Rosso del Veneto Appassimento 2015, Veneto Millefiori Rosso del Veneto Appassimento 2015, Veneto Millefiori Rosso del Veneto Appassimento 2015, Veneto Millefiori Rosso del Veneto Appassimento 2015, Veneto

Good looking label isn't it? And a sign of the cornucopia of treats that awaits you with this stunning Italian red wine.

Made in the appassimento method, which in this case means drying 60% of the grapes from picking in October through to December. That leaves very ripe, concentrated berries, to turn into a richly-flavoured, deliciously tempting red wine.

One that makes for a very special wine experience indeed. You could think of it as a 'mini-Amarone', although nothing compares really to the real thing. However, the thinking behind it is along the same lines, and the wine tastes almost as good.

Another terrific Italian red wine made in the appassimento style (grapes are partially dried to concentrate flavours before being turned into wine). Here Italian (Corvina) meets international (Merlot) grape varieties. Cherries, dried fruit, chocolate, prunes... it's a bit like Christmas in a bottle, you can enjoy year round
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Percentage Alcohol




Grape Variety

ArrayCorvina, Merlot




Full-Bodied Red



Food Match

ArrayLamb, Rice Dishes, Sausages

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The Producer

A joint venture between Paolo Leo and Orion wines, aimed at collating some of the very best Italian wines at unbeatable prices.
The Paolo Leo winery has been in the same family hands for five generations.

The focus today is very much on producing Italian wines of real character and value, wines which reflect the rich history of Italian wine.

The new winery was built in 1989 and boasts state of the art winemaking and ageing facilities. The investment Paolo Leo has made, both in their vineyards and in the winery, is clearly reflected in the outstanding quality of the wines.
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It's not until October that the Merlot and Corvina grapes are picked for this red wine. Then around 60% are allowed to dry, carefully controlling temperature and humidity, until December. Up to 50% of their weight is lost doing this.

The other grapes have already been turned into red wine, whilst the dried grapes will take another 30 days to complete their fermentation. The following February the two separate wines are blended together. Half then goes into barrels for another year to add to the structure of the wine.

Lots of effort goes into this Italian red then, but you'll taste the difference, for sure.

The Region

Italy's Veneto region is one of the country's great powerhouses for wine production. You can find all shades, still to sparkling, from some of Italy's very best wines to many Italian wine bargains, from Prosecco to Pinot Grigio.

Mountainous in places, the Veneto's unique geography leads to the ideal climate for vines (or even olives; Lake Garda allows them to be grown successfully this far north).

Grapes for this wine come from naturally low-yielding vineyards (average age 30 years-old) near San Pietro in Cariano, north-west of Verona. With Lake Garda not far away, and breezes funnelling down the mountain valleys, it's an ideal spot.
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Lamb Sosaties

Sweet and spiced South African lamb kebabs with herby potatoes screams open fire and red wine, so give a fruit drive Italian red with lots of fresh fruit and spice a go. Try the Millefiori Rosso del Veneto, it's glorious.
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Spicy Pork Curry

Try this aromatic pork dish with its layers of complex spice with a vibrant, ripe white (not too dry) which will balance out the heat of the curry or a northern Italian red such as Millefiori Rosso del Veneto.
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Sausages with Mushrooms and Olives

Quick to prepare and packed with flavour, this sausage stew will work well with smooth, medium-bodied earthy reds with red fruit flavours. Try our Appassimento style Millefiori Rosso del Veneto, it's beautiful.
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