Paolo Leo Primitivo 2016, Puglia

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Paolo Leo Primitivo 2016, Puglia
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They get up early to make this wine, picking grapes at dawn before the heat of the sun gets to them. It's an Italian red wine made using the Puglian speciality, Primitivo.

Not dissimilar to Zinfandel (the grape varieties are related), you'll find the Paolo Leo Primitivo is fresher, with a more easy-to-drink quality. Cherries/wild berry aromas lead on to a flavourful palate with good depth and a distinctive Italianate character.

There's no oak used here, so you're getting Primitivo in all its enticing southern Italian glory. Of course, it'll be smashing with Italian dishes or even a barbecue.

It's thought Primitivo came to Puglia by way of the ancient Greeks. Today it makes some of southern Italy's most reliably rewarding red wines. Nothing 'primitive' about these wines; it refers to its early-ripening. A bold red wine that's so easy to enjoy
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The Producer

The Paolo Leo winery has been in the same family hands for five generations, so has been well-placed to witness the dramatic changes in Puglian wine fortunes over the years.

The focus today is very much on producing Italian wines of real character and value, wines which reflect the rich history of Puglian wine.

The new winery was built in 1989 and boasts state of the art winemaking and ageing facilities. The investment Paolo Leo has made, both in their vineyards and in the winery, is clearly reflected in the outstanding quality of the wines.
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The Winemaker

Nicola Leo is the latest family member to take the reins as winemaker at Paolo Leo. Looking after the estate's 30 hectares of Primitivo and Negroamaro (with smaller amounts of Fiano and Chardonnay), is the first priority, making sure grapes are of top quality ready for the winemaking process.

Harvest is by a combination of both manual and machine harvesting, into small containers so as not to prematurely damage the grapes. Winemaking varies, depending on the wine (some of Paolo Leo's wines use semi-dried grapes to concentrate flavours), but always focuses on limiting intervention to make as natural a wine as possible.

The Region

Down in Italy's deep south lies Puglia (or Apulia in English), effectively the 'heel' of the Italian 'boot'. Whilst it's not the most famous Italian wine region, you'll be surprised by how good the wines are from this quiet corner of Italy.

We say 'quiet', but in fact, Puglia produces more wine than the whole of Australia, albeit only a minority bottled as Puglian wine. As you can imagine, the climate here lends itself to some richly-flavoured red wines, especially those from Primitivo and Negroamaro grapes.

Classic Meditteranean summers and winters that are never too harsh make for some Italian red wines you'll enjoy discovering.
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Chicken Paupiette filled with Sundried Tomato and Mushrooms

The multi-layered flavours of savoury mushroom, sweet, sun-dried tomato and rich aubergine and pepper calls for a bit of an all-rounder. A soft, easy-drinking red like our Paolo Leo Primitivo will cover all the required taste bases!
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Game Meat Sausage Rolls

Who needs a plain old sausage roll when you can have a game sausage roll? The ultimate buffet nibble, these will go nicely with a medium to full bodied red from Puglia, southern Italy with rich, dark fruit flavours to pair with the gamey notes.
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Blue Cheese Burgers with Sweet Potato Wedges

Burgers are red wine are a match made in heaven but don’t forget the blue cheese element which could scuper your wine choice. To contrast the creamy, salty notes (not forgetting acidity) of the cheese, head to rich, fruity reds with good acidity. The Paolo Leo Primitivo is a brilliant match.
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