Domaine de Pellehaut L’Eté Gascon 2018, Gascony

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Domaine de Pellehaut L’Eté Gascon 2018, Gascony
Domaine de Pellehaut L’Eté Gascon 2018, Gascony Domaine de Pellehaut L’Eté Gascon 2018, Gascony Domaine de Pellehaut L’Eté Gascon 2018, Gascony Domaine de Pellehaut L’Eté Gascon 2018, Gascony Domaine de Pellehaut L’Eté Gascon 2018, Gascony Domaine de Pellehaut L’Eté Gascon 2018, Gascony Domaine de Pellehaut L’Eté Gascon 2018, Gascony

The taste of summer in a glass. And a Gascon summer at that. Think fields of sunflowers, interspersed with small fields and vineyards, a place where time moves slowly and food and good wine are essential parts of everyday life.

Using the local grape variety Gros Manseng, plus 20% Chardonnay, here's a brilliant, off-dry, lip-smackingly delicious French regional white wine. Pellehaut recommends drinking it as an aperitif, or with fruit-based desserts, but frankly, you'd be hard-pushed to find an occasion where this wine wouldn't go down a storm.

If you're looking for a wine that strikes a balance between refreshment and bags of fresh fruit character, it's a firm bet.

Just 11% alcohol, brimming with pineapple, mango, and passionfruit flavours. Unique to us at Rude Wines, we're huge fans of this off-dry French white wine made from local native grape varieties, and we're convinced you'll be a convert too when you try it.
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Percentage Alcohol



Côtes de Gascogne

Grape Variety

ArrayChardonnay, Gros Manseng




Off-Dry White



Food Match

ArrayCharcuterie, Chinese, Smoked Meats

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The Producer

Domaine de Pellehaut is the perfect Rude Wines producer. Making great value wines in the heart of France's Gascony region, this family-owned estate strives to make the best wines they can from their 250 hectares of vines.

Now run by brothers Martin and Mathieu Beraut, they've embarked on using the very best of the local grape varieties, marrying them with more familiar international ones. This, coupled with the adoption of the latest winemaking technology, gives remarkable consistency across their wines, year after year.

You'll find all their wines we list, from our own Rude Reserve Blanc, through to their Chardonnay, delicious rose, to the decadent sweet wine, exceptional value. Standout wines from south-west France.


Domaine de Pellehaut operates a ‘lutte raisonnée’ approach to viticulture, preferring the use of organic fertilisers produced on the estate and minimal or no use of pesticides. It's a method that's become more and more common amongst smaller French wine producers, allowing them to practice environmentally-friendly means of growing grapes.

Grapes are harvested during the cool of the night to preserve the aromatic qualities of these fresh wines and modern techniques used in the winery with an eye to keeping the character of the grape and local character. Competition is stiff in Gascony, but Pellehaut stands out as one of the best winemakers in the region.

The Region

France's Gers region, otherwise known as Gascony, is famous for its top-notch food and drink producers. Here, in the home of D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers, Armagnac, great foods based on duck and geese, and top value still wines reign supreme.

It's a beautiful landscape, where time often seems to have stood still, and producers operate on a small scale in complete harmony with their surroundings. This bucolic idyll isn't at all backwards though, having upped their game considerably over recent decades to become one that prides itself on the outstanding quality of their wines and produce.
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So smooth, very nice!

By D Mayo on 06th August 2019


Very Fruity

Very fruity.

By Marie on 05th August 2019



Lovely nose, clean colour, some sweetness but good balance.

By Mike on 05th August 2019

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The delicate crab meat calls for a smooth, fruity, floral white or rosé which doesn't overpower the meat - try Southern French rosés with good weight of fruit or even an off-dry white like the Domaine de Pellehaut L’Eté Gascon.
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Chilean Fish Stew

Pair rich fish stews with vibrant, zesty whites such as Sauvignon Blanc or floral, fresh off-dry whites which have enough fruit flavour to balance out the punchy garlic, herbs and tomatoes. Try our Domaine de Pellehaut L’Eté Gascon from south-west France.
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Game Meat Sausage Rolls

Who needs a plain old sausage roll when you can have a game sausage roll? The ultimate buffet nibble, these will go nicely with a medium bodied red with rich, dark fruit flavours to pair with the gamey notes, or even a fresh, fruity white with bright acidity. Domaine de Pellehaut L’Eté Gascon, an off-dry white from Gascony is an alternative choice but pairs well with pâté and game.
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