Quinta Do Infantado LBV 2013

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Quinta Do Infantado LBV 2013
Quinta Do Infantado LBV 2013 Quinta Do Infantado LBV 2013 Quinta Do Infantado LBV 2013 Quinta Do Infantado LBV 2013 Quinta Do Infantado LBV 2013 Quinta Do Infantado LBV 2013 Quinta Do Infantado LBV 2013 Quinta Do Infantado LBV 2013 Quinta Do Infantado LBV 2013 Quinta Do Infantado LBV 2013

When you think of Port it's often the big names that come to mind - the Dows, Taylors, Grahams and other shippers. That's because up to 1986 Port had to go from the Upper Douro Valley down to the lodges in Vila Nova de Gaia where all the big houses are based.

The rules changed in '86, and now the smaller Quintas can age and ship their own wines, just like this sumptuous LBV (late-bottled vintage). The Roseira family now can stake their own claim to producing some of the best Ports we've come across, rather than sell their grapes to the big houses.

Fermented a little longer, the Infantado doesn't have any cloying sweetness, and the ageing in large (25,000 litres) vats means the wine's tannins are tamed, but without any flavour from the wood coming through. Top flight Port that's surprisingly affordable.

Top-notch Port from a family-owned estate with a history going back to 1816 when it was founded by a Portuguese prince who went on the become the first emperor of Brazil. Rich, smooth, and massively satisfying fortified wine
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Grape Variety

ArrayTinta Roriz, Touriga Franca, Touriga Nacional




ArrayOaked Red, Sweet Red



Food Match

ArrayBlue Cheese, Chocolate, Game Meats



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The Producer

Owned and run by the Rosiera family for over a century the Quinta do Infantado winery, that was originally established in 1816, is now overseen by Joao Roseira while his sister-in-law Paula looks after the marketing of the historic Port.
Quinta do Infantado has a royal heritage that goes back to when it was established by Prince D. Pedro IV. Prince D. Pedro IV was the Portuguese crown heir and way back when taxes were paid in grapes or wine he built the winery to store and produce wines from the taxes. The name is derived from the word 'Infante', meaning Prince, as it was the Prince who started the original winery.
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Fermented and aged under the watchful eye of winemaker Fátima Ribas. Quinta do Infantado ports are produced in the traditional way. The grapes are picked and trodden by foot in stone lagares. The wines are then fermented, which took longer this year than usual resulting in a drier base wine. As with all port, the fermentation was stopped when the winemaker is happy with the wine's flavour and structural profile by adding 77% ABV grape brandy. This vintage was then aged for 45 months in 100 year old, 250 hectolitre casks before being bottled unfiltered.

The Region

The Cima Corgo, where Quinta Do Infantado is situated, is a sub-region in the Douro Valley that is renowned for producing the best ports. The Quinta sits at about 150 metres above sea level and has several small 'A' grade vineyard plots across the region. The parcels are brought together to produce the grape juice for this LBV. The plots range from 1.5 - 5 hectares in the Vale do Moinhos, Serra de Cotas and Sierra Douro. They all grown from old vines and some of the plots even reach an altitude of 350 meters above sea-level.
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