Sichel "1883" 2018 (no sulfites added), Bordeaux

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Sichel "1883" 2018 (no sulfites added), Bordeaux
Sichel "1883" 2018 (no sulfites added), Bordeaux Sichel "1883" 2018 (no sulfites added), Bordeaux Sichel "1883" 2018 (no sulfites added), Bordeaux Sichel "1883" 2018 (no sulfites added), Bordeaux Sichel "1883" 2018 (no sulfites added), Bordeaux Sichel "1883" 2018 (no sulfites added), Bordeaux Sichel "1883" 2018 (no sulfites added), Bordeaux

This wine is a celebration of the year the owners of Château Angludet and Palmer set up offices in Bordeaux. Much has changed in winemaking in the last 130+ years, technology ever advancing with automatic bottling machines and chemical additives into many wines to preserve and protect the fine liquid inside the bottle.

1883 has been made, without added sulfites, as a salute to their forefathers. The 2018 vintage was absolutely exceptional and the winemakers took advantage of this by selecting perfectly ripened grapes in impeccable condition from the best quality parcels of vines.

An auspicious year 1883, the same year the owners of Château Angludet and Château Palmer, in the Margaux appellation, set up offices in Bordeaux. This is 100% Merlot with no added sulfites, a wine with a nod to the past made with the winemaking skills of the present.
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ArrayBeef, Cheese (Strong), Game Bird



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Maison Sichel

The Sichels of Bordeaux had their roots in Britain. However, it was Hermann Sichel who took the first steps with wine, opening a merchant business in Germany in 1856.

In 1883 Sichel opened its first office at 19 Quai de Bacalan in Bordeaux, which remains their registered office today. That historic date is celebrated with this very special red wine.


To make a stable wine without the use of sulfites means making sure the quality of the grapes you're using are top-notch. 2018 proved an ideal year, choosing from various parcels that hadn't seen lots of spring rainfall but also no stress from drought whilst ripening.

Speed was of the essence once picked, to protect against oxidation and micro-organisms (where sulfites are usually used to stop that happening).
There's no oak involved; to preserve the crunchy primary fruit flavours.

The Region

Bordeaux stands as one of the world's top wine regions. In fact, along with Burgundy the two big "B's' are the the most pre-eminent by far. Popular around the world, for making some of the planet's finest red (and sweet) wines, you could happily enjoy wines from here for the rest of your life and not fully explore its many facets.

No sulphates

Good balance on tannins with some length on palate. Curious to see how it ages, I would keep it for couple of years. I enjoy drinking reds this appeals to me as there are no added sulphates.

By Maureen on 05th August 2019


Love it.

I loved it!

By Ken on 05th August 2019

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