Viverello Trebbiano 2018, Rubicone

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Viverello Trebbiano 2018, Rubicone
Viverello Trebbiano 2018, Rubicone Viverello Trebbiano 2018, Rubicone Viverello Trebbiano 2018, Rubicone Viverello Trebbiano 2018, Rubicone Viverello Trebbiano 2018, Rubicone Viverello Trebbiano 2018, Rubicone Viverello Trebbiano 2018, Rubicone

If you're searching for tasty, great value Italian wines, then the Rubicone IGT region is a great place to start. Trebbiano has history here, going back in records to 1303, but we only found this wine earlier this year.

We'd been busy tasting Italian wines of all styles before the cheerful, pick-you-up, fruity nature of Viverello's white wine bowled us over. Where it proved a tongue-tingling palate cleanser for us, we thought it'd be the perfect end-of-the-day relaxing Italian white wine for you.

It's always nice when the price comes in at such an attractive level too. Take advantage of our wine hunting and stock up on this summer's white wine essential.

Star white wine we discovered at Vinitaly, the huge wine fair in Verona. Struck by its floral aromas and crisp, refreshing citrus and roasted nut flavours, we just had to get some in. If you love Pinot Grigio, we think you'll be smitten by a glassful of this zippy Italian number
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ArrayShellfish, Sushi, White Fish

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The Producer

Casa Vinicola Poletti was established in 1928 by Aurelia Poletti on the outskirts of Imola. The company owns 50 hectares of vineyards in the Emilia Romagna region and produce 20 million litres of wine per year both from grapes they grow as well as from other selected growers. The natural ridge of the Vena del Gesso Romagnola is a wonderful sight, protruding from the horizon of the hills, giving a unique aspect to the landscape. And it’s just there, right in the heart of this spectacular landscape, that the vineyards can be found. The wines of Poletti tell the story of this historical region.


Making sure the grapes have just the right balance of fruit flavours and balancing acidity, they're harvested and transported into the winery as swiftly as possible. Once there, they're lightly chilled, to lock in those vibrant fruit flavours, before being gently pressed.

There's no oak involved here, just pristine Italian white grapes turned into a superbly quaffable white wine.

The Region

Emilia Romagna is a hilly region on the Northern peninsula of Italy where wine has been produced since the 7th century originally by the Etruscans. The most famous wine from this region is Lambrusco but wines are also made here the from Sangiovese and Trebbiano (also known as Ugni Blanc) grapes. Malvasia, Ortrugo, Barbera and Bonarda are also popular grape varieties grown here. In addition, international varieties like Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir are also made successfully here. Soils and climates here are diverse, with the influence of the Apennine mountains is a major factor in the climate and terrain.

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