When in Rome Refosco, boxed wine (2.25ltr)

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When in Rome Refosco, boxed wine (2.25ltr)
When in Rome Refosco, boxed wine (2.25ltr) When in Rome Refosco, boxed wine (2.25ltr) When in Rome Refosco, boxed wine (2.25ltr) When in Rome Refosco, boxed wine (2.25ltr) When in Rome Refosco, boxed wine (2.25ltr) When in Rome Refosco, boxed wine (2.25ltr) When in Rome Refosco, boxed wine (2.25ltr)

Medium-bodied with plum and almond notes, this wine is made from the Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso grape. A bit of a mouthful maybe, and a variety grown mainly in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region of North East Italy, so you may not have heard of it but its been grown there since Roman times, over 2,000 years. Refosco is indigenous to Italy but also grown in Slovenia and is slow ripening grape that has a good resistance to rot, which may explain the longevity of this variety.

You can match this lovely little wine with roasted anything – veggies, meat or game. In Roman times, the intensity of the aroma and ruby red colour of this wine perfectly matched the atmosphere inside the Colosseum, as gladiators fought and free citizens quite possibly swigged Refosco. Famously, it was also the favourite tipple of Emperor Augustus’ wife Livia.

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One of our new range of premium boxed wines, an easy-drinking, soft red from Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy. Don't let the boxed format fool you. Here at Rude Wines we only select the very best quality and this red is no exception.
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Aziena Agricola Grappolo d’Oro

A family-run winery whose 20 hectares of vines have had vines on since Roman times. Located in the Venezia Giulia Friuli region of Italy, the steep terraced vineyard is perfect for capturing the warm sun to perfectly ripen the grapes. The resulting wine is balanced and well structured.

Donatella Martincigh

Produced by the Donatella Martincigh, Grappolo d'Oro's chief winemaker. With a wealth of winemaking experience under her belt, she has been making Italian craft wines for nearly 30 years. She is a fully graduated sommelier turned expert winemaker with an adept palate.

Friuli Venezia Giulia

This region in the far north of Italy is historically a grape growing region with vines cultivated here since Roman times. This sunny region is naturally protected from cold northerly winds by the Alps and exposed to a mild ocean breeze from the Adriatic sea ensuring grapes do not over ripen and lose that all-important acidity.

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