When in Rome Rosato Venezia boxed wine (2.25ltr)

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When in Rome Rosato Venezia boxed wine (2.25ltr)
When in Rome Rosato Venezia boxed wine (2.25ltr) When in Rome Rosato Venezia boxed wine (2.25ltr) When in Rome Rosato Venezia boxed wine (2.25ltr) When in Rome Rosato Venezia boxed wine (2.25ltr) When in Rome Rosato Venezia boxed wine (2.25ltr) When in Rome Rosato Venezia boxed wine (2.25ltr) When in Rome Rosato Venezia boxed wine (2.25ltr) When in Rome Rosato Venezia boxed wine (2.25ltr)

Impress your friends with this fantastic find from the Friuli Venezia Giulia region of Italy. Made from delicately pressed Merlot grapes, this is not your average rosé, with a depth of flavour that makes it pretty special in our eyes. After all, not many boxed wines are made at a family-run winery on terraced vineyards that date back to Roman times.

Boxed wine is eco-friendly, recyclable, and allows the wine to be transported easily and safely to picnics, festivals and parties (fits nicely in the fridge door, too). A wonderful, spontaneous wine that should be enjoyed with friends, sunshine and good food. True to form, like all our range, it's got bags of character to keep your taste buds entertained and coming back for more.

Same quantity as 3 bottles

A wonderfully light, fresh rosé (Rosato in Italian) with a floral finish. Our quest for the perfect boxed wine has turned up this characterful Italian rose and we can assure you it's a big step up in quality from the majority of boxed wines out there. Excellent value for money and has great eco-friendly credentials to boot.
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Light and Fruity Rosé

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ArrayCheese (Mild), Mediterranean, Tomato-Based Dishes



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Azienda Agricola Grappolo d'Oro

A family-run winery whose 20 hectares of vines have had vines on since Roman times. Located in the Venezia Giulia Friuli region of Italy, the steep terraced vineyard is perfect for capturing the warm sun to perfectly ripen the grapes. The resulting wine is balanced and well structured.

Donatella Martincigh

Produced by the Donatella Martincigh, Grappolo d'Oro's chief winemaker. With a wealth of winemaking experience under her belt, she has been making Italian craft wines for nearly 30 years. She is a fully graduated sommelier turned expert winemaker with an adept palate.

Friuli Venezia Giulia

This region in the far north of Italy is historically a grape growing region with vines cultivated here since Roman times. This sunny region is naturally protected from cold northerly winds by the Alps and exposed to a mild ocean breeze from the Adriatic sea ensuring grapes do not over ripen and lose that all-important acidity.

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The rich combination of potato, cheese, bacon and garlic could stop anyone in their tracks so pick ripe, structured white or rosé wines with good acidity which will cut through the delicious stodge. This crisp Italian rosé is a great choice.
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Try a light, fresh pink wine with this classic French salad - the tuna, egg and tomato all work well with crisp, easy-drinking styles such as this one from Friuli Venezia Giulia in the North of Italy.
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