Willowglen Shiraz-Cabernet 2017, South-East Australia

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Willowglen Shiraz-Cabernet 2017, South-East Australia
Willowglen Shiraz-Cabernet 2017, South-East Australia Willowglen Shiraz-Cabernet 2017, South-East Australia Willowglen Shiraz-Cabernet 2017, South-East Australia Willowglen Shiraz-Cabernet 2017, South-East Australia

When it comes to Australian red wines, the Shiraz-Cabernet blend gives us some of the best. Sometimes called 'the great Australian red', it's a winning combination. The Willowglen range of wines, made by family-owned De Bortoli, aims to reinvigorate that time when Aussie wines took us all by storm.

Bright cherry red, with aromas of ripe red fruits, plums and a touch of vanillin oak. Layer upon layer of juicy, plummy flavour, plus the hallmark hint of spice.

One of five wines in the Willowglen range, wines we've chosen because we think they'll offer you the best value Australian wine drinking around.

Such is their prowess with combining Shiraz with Cabernet Sauvignon, it's often called the 'Great Australian Red'. Juicy red fruits mingle with dark plums, some spicy notes, and a touch of oak
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Percentage Alcohol



South-East Australia

Grape Variety

ArrayCabernet Sauvignon, Syrah / Shiraz




Medium-Bodied Red



Food Match

ArrayBBQ, Mediterranean, Sausages

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The Producer

Founded by Italian immigrants in the 1920's, De Bortoli is one of Australia's 'First Families of Wine'. This group of 12 family-owned wineries celebrates the rich heritage of Australian winemaking. It wasn't until 1972 that sales of table wine began to overtake fortified wine, so the wines we know and love today are a relatively recent phenomenon.

De Bortoli is still very much a family affair. The third generation are now at the helm, with Darren De Bortoli both MD and overseeing the winemaking, Leanne De Bortoli's winemaker husband Steve Webber, and Kevin De Bortoli the company's viticulturist.

The Winemaker

"Drink what you enjoy. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to find an interesting bottle." So says Steve Webber, De Bortoli's winemaker in the Yarra Valley. It's a sentiment that could apply to any of the Australian company's many tiers of wine. Although both Steve and Darren De Bortoli both studied at Australia's best school for winemakers, Roseworth (now part of the University of Adelaide), there's a feeling of doing things their own way at De Bortoli.

That's perhaps most notably manifested with the Noble One wine. It's a sweet wine made from Semillon that's been affected by botrytis, also called 'noble rot'. When people scoffed at the idea, Darren became all the more determined to produce it, and today it's one of Australia's classic wines.

The Region

De Bortoli draws upon a range of classic Australian wine regions to produce their wines. Riverina, that powerhouse of grape production enabled by the precious water from the Murray-Darling basin, still provides much of the fruit for their wines. Premium regions De Bortoli is active in include the Yarra Valley, Heathcote, King Valley, and the Hunter Valley.

If there's one mantra that runs through all the De Bortoli wines it's that wine should both be varietally 'true' and also reflect the region where the grapes are grown. We think the Willowglen wines manage to capture that 'sense of place'; a reflection of all that's great about Australian wine.
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This simple cheesy, potato dish requires a good straight talking red. An Australian Shiraz Cabernet can provide a hit of both spice and fruit to contrast with the creaminess of the cheese.

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