Wine & Food: Perfect Pairings Every Time

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Food and Wine Pairing Book
Wine & Food: Perfect Pairings Every Time Wine & Food: Perfect Pairings Every Time Wine & Food: Perfect Pairings Every Time Food and Wine Pairing Book

Containing everything you could ever possibly want to know about wine and food, Jane Parkinson's book will have you picking the right wine every time, whatever the dish.

Staring out with 'The Bar', you'll soon know all there is to know about temperatures, glasses, storage, and latest trends. Then 'The Cellar' will tell you about how the different grape varieties and wines differ around the world. And it's over to the 'The Table' to take a look at loads of food types and styles, why certain wines might work better than others, and give you the confidence to experiment yourself.

Jane Parkinson's handsome book is your ideal primer for learning about the ins-and-outs of making sure you'll get the most from your wine and food pairings. Not at all geeky, it simply walks you through the grape varieties, wines, and foods to give an entertaining overview of this endlessly absorbing topic
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Regular Price: £16.99

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