Roussillon Wine

The Roussillon makes up the bottom-right corner of France, where it joins Spain. With the shores of the Mediterranean lapping one side, the foothills of the Pyrenees another, and a very warm, rugged terrain in the middle, it's challenging vine-growing territory.

Whenever that happens, though, you tend to see some particularly exciting results, both in terms of grapes and the resulting wines.

Its unique speciality are the stunning Vin Doux Naturels the region makes; exquisite sweet wines like Maury and Coullioure. Then there are superstar winemakers like Gerard Gauby and Olivier Pithon who craft some of the region's most sought-after, and expensive wines.

But wherever you look in Roussillon, you're almost certain to uncover a trove of very special wines that honestly reflect where they come from.

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