Sancerre Wine

On the left bank of the Loire river, at the eastern edge of the Loire Valley, the region of Sancerre produces some of the most highly-regarded Sauvignon Blanc wines anywhere in the world.

Thanks to three soil types: Terres Blanches (‘white earth’, which is chalk on Kimmeridgean marl), Les Caillottes (gravel and limestone), and Silex (flint), Sauvignon Blanc thrives here.

The result is a crisp, dry style of white wine (and rosé too) found in the world’s finest seafood restaurants, as it has tremendous affinity with fish dishes.

In the wine world, however, fame is often followed by a rash of poor imitations as everyone attempts to climb on the bandwagon. So with Sancerre it pays to look closely at the producer too, and not simply rely on the appellation’s name.

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