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Finding the right white wine can take time, and although the experimentation phase isn’t exactly hard work, you might wish you’d hit the quality end of the market at an earlier stage. These exclusively white wine cases are designed for those of you who like to pull out a bottle of blanc for pleasure or for entertaining. They’ve been lovingly put together by our own team, informed by the conversations we have with customers and at our tasting events.

A particular favourite is our Chardonnay Sampling Case, a collection designed to show how Chardonnay can show its versatility when different growing conditions and production methods are used. When guests say they love a Chardonnay, get a couple of glasses ready. And if you want the best, try our premium “Whites for the Weekend” case. It’s twelve bottles of our favourite whites, a collection that shows white’s versatility, depth and complexity when growers and makers really understand their crafts.

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5 Item(s)

  • The Fruitiest White Collection

    Want your white wines to be packed full of fruit flavour? Look no further than our pick of the fruitiest bunch. Whites that are bursting with aromatic fruity scents with flavours to match. You'll save £22.39 on the RRP, that's equivalent to19% off or just £7.99 per bottle. Read More.

  • Summer Dazzlers

    So there must be something special about these whites. With a discount of £19.89 off the RRP which is equivalent to 18% off, or just £7.50 per bottle, you'll be making savings to put towards some great summer days out or holidays too. Remember what they say about saving those pennies... Read More.

  • Zingy Summer White Wines

    A mixed case of classy white wines that are full of the joys of summer. Save a massive £29.39 off the RRP equivalent to a 20% discount. Just £9.75 per bottle Read More.

  • Great Wines for Seafood

    So what wines go best with the fruits of the sea? The first choice for many will be white wines and with good reason. But that doesn't narrow things down much. So we've pulled together 8 stunning seafood-loving wines to help you work out which you prefer. Every one's tailor-made to pair with seafood Read More.

  • Best Everyday White Wines

    Look forward to that glass of white wine at the end of a hard day, or week? We've taken the guesswork out of what bottles to buy, picking out some top white wines that will tick all the boxes for you. It's the ideal wine case to guarantee quality every time you pour a drop. After all, you deserve it, don't you? Read More.


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