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If it has to be white, then you'll love these white wine case offers, designed to offer top-flight wines at very decent prices. Whether you're mad for Sauvignon Blanc, crazy about Chardonnay, there's a white case here that's bound to please you. No more wondering if it's going to be great wine, you know it will be.

8 Item(s)

8 Item(s)

  • Winning White Wines (6-bottles)

    Love a drop of great white wine? Nothing quite hits the spot, does it? You're sure to be impressed by this case of whites, our pick of wines from around the world. Zesty Sauvignon Blanc, crisp white Bordeaux, organic wine from Spain, voluptuous Viognier, classic Chardonnay... it's all here for you Read More.

  • If You Like Sauvignon Blanc...

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    So you love Sauvignon Blanc wines? Join the club; it seems it's everyone's white wine of the moment (and has been for ages, in fact). Taking a half-dozen of the best Sauvignon's around, we then thought long and hard about other wines you'd like, to make up the second part of the case Read More.

  • Great Wines for Seafood

    So what wines go best with the fruits of the sea? The first choice for many will be white wines and with good reason. But that doesn't narrow things down much. So we've pulled together 8 stunning seafood-loving wines to help you work out which you prefer. Every one's tailor-made to pair with seafood Read More.

  • 6 of the Best: German Wines

    Looking for the very best in German white wines? Here's your perfect introduction to some of the finest wines you'll encounter from this top-flight wine-producing country. There's Riesling, of course, probably Germany's best performing white grape variety, plus an extraordinary Pinot Gris. Read More.

  • Top Rosé Wines

    Classic rosé wines from France and Spain all neatly wrapped up in a celebration of what's special about pink wines. From the South of France to Spanish Rioja, and a real treat with the Sancerre and Rhône's Tavel, two of the world's great rosé wines. If it has to be rosé, then this case will have you beaming. Save over £23 on this case Read More.

  • 12 of the Best Summer White & Rosé Wines

    If you enjoy trying as many aromatic, refreshing, zippy, and fruity white and pink wines as possible, it's the case to end all cases. Wines you'll be familiar with, like crisp Sauvignon Blanc and fresh Chardonnay. Others that'll more likely be discoveries, like Spanish Godello and rosé with Tannat. It'll have you eager to open the next bottle... Read More.

  • Refreshing Rosé Wines

    Whether you're a rosé fan, or yet to be convinced, this is the perfect pink case. Wines that have plenty of fruit flavours, yet are crisp, dry and refreshing. Enjoyable whatever the weather, but somehow all the more exceptional when the sun's beaming down Read More.

  • Bank Holiday Bonanza White Case

    Make the most of the big bank holiday weekend with these top value cases. The fine weather's due to make a comeback, so time to celebrate a summer to remember Read More.


8 Item(s)

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