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Thanks to our friends at When In Rome, we have joined the boxed wine revolution by bringing you three of their amazing craft wines from Italy – made by small independent producers, they are the most efficient, environmentally-sound, and sociable way to enjoy wine at a great price. Perfect for parties, picnics, festivals, camping, or a day out at the beach, they are a far cry from the cheap plonk previously experienced in an 80’s kitchen party. They are delicious!

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1 Item(s)

  • When in Rome Rosato Venezia boxed wine (2.25ltr)

    Same quantity as 3 bottles

    A wonderfully light, fresh rosé (Rosato in Italian) with a floral finish. Our quest for the perfect boxed wine has turned up this characterful Italian rose and we can assure you it's a big step up in quality from the majority of boxed wines out there. Excellent value for money and has great eco-friendly credentials to boot. Read More.


1 Item(s)

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