Fortified Wine

The tradition of fortifying wines with alcohol goes back centuries and was first used to preserve them for long journeys. Nowadays, of course, the need for preservation is not quite so pressing, but the fortification process adds a richness and depth of character (to the wine rather than the drinker) that has become the calling card for Port, Sherry and fortified styles around the world. Fortified wines tend to be spotted in drinks cabinets around the month of December, but we’re championing their cause as a year-round tipple, for their flavour, versatility with food and super value for money.

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Fortified Wines Fortified Wines

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  • Justino's Madeira Colheita 1996 (37.5cl)

    You could think of good Madeira as the antique furniture of the wine world. With the elements of time and heat instrumental in its production, this fabulously rich, sweet nectar takes on shades of wood - think oak and walnut. Read More.


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