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We think one of wine’s greatest appeals is its almost infinite variety. In terms of where it’s made around the world, the differences between grape varieties, and the limitless possibilities this offers the winemaker, no other drink (or food) comes close.

Unsurprisingly, we’ve always got something new up our sleeves; or more likely in our glasses.

A seemingly endless choice of producers and their wines means at Rude Wines we’re constantly looking for the exciting, the new and evaluating our range.

It’s how we manage to select some of the more interesting wines that are out there, and strive to make sure they’re the very best value for money whilst never compromising on quality.

Right now it’s the fabulous selection of Burgundy wines from the well-regarded Domaines Albert Bichot from Burgundy. Expect some great Burgundian Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from this well-regarded negociant and producer.

11 Item(s)

11 Item(s)

11 Item(s)

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