Organic Wine

Organic wines, like organic food, shun the use of man-made chemicals in the vineyard and winery. You'll often hear the mantra that 'great wine is made in the vineyard', and that's clearly where the impetus behind them comes from.
With wine, many really good producers choose not to be certified as organic or biodynamic. The reasons vary, but chief among them is that they'd prefer their wines to be chosen for quality, not just because they're organic.
Another is that whilst practising organic methods, if you're relying on just one harvest a year, then you may choose to use chemicals as a very last resort.

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6 Item(s)

  • Outstanding Organic Wines

    A dozen organic wines, all proud to wear their organic certificates. These are wines that don't just stop at being organic. They're wines which have tried to go that bit further and showcase the grape varieties and their region's true potential. Read More.

  • Capezzana Barco Reale di Carmignano 2016, Tuscany

    Organic Italian red wine that is as stylish as a Ferrari. It might be the 'baby' from the Capezzana family, but Barco Reale oozes class. Cabernet Sauvignon first got into bed with Sangiovese here way back in the time of the Medicis, in the 1500s. Just a few hundred years before the first 'SuperTuscans' Read More.

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  • Loimer Loís Grüner Veltliner 2018, Kamptal

    Gru-Vee, aka Grüner Veltliner, is Austria's 'own' white grape variety. Producing some of its most distinctive white wines, they've a fantastic crunchy, Granny Smith green apple character with a hallmark hint of white pepper. Basically, if you enjoy Sauvignon Blanc, then it's a surefire bet you'll enjoy Gru-Vee too Read More.

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6 Item(s)