Red Wine

Red is the colour of love, and real food lovers tend to have a nose for red wines too. The names of grapes remind us of good times and close friends: Cabernet Sauvignon; Shiraz; Pinot Noir; Zinfandel. But we don’t care whether they’re Old or New World. If they’re grown and made with patience, timing, quality and care, if they pass our scrutiny, they’ll make it into our cases for your pleasure.

So whether you’re looking for something comfy to go with dinner or a sensational masterpiece to share with someone special, we’re here to help you in your quest for the perfect red wine.

11 Item(s)

11 Item(s)

  • La Masseria Primitivo 2017, Puglia

    Nothing primitive about it; that refers to the fact it's an early ripener in Italy's Puglia (the 'heel' bit of the boot). DNA has proved it's the same as Zinfandel, which gives you a clue as to its punchy, fruit-driven nature. Like all Puglian red wines, they're star turns with a whole host of dishes, and very drinkable by themselves Read More.

    • ADD 3 - SAVE 8% - £11.50 a bottle
    • ADD 6 - SAVE 13% - £10.99 a bottle
  • Poggiotondo Organic Chianti 2017, Tuscany

    Tuscany. Gently rolling hills dotted with Cypress trees, superb olive oil, Steak Florentine, and, inescapably, Chianti. Quite simply an Italian red wine treasure, no winerack should be without it. When it's from the home of a top winemaker like Alberto Antonini, it's terrific Read More.

    • ADD 3 - SAVE 7% - £13.99 a bottle
    • ADD 6 - SAVE 14% - £12.99 a bottle
  • Mediceo Chianti 2017, Tuscany

    Another classy Italian red wine from top winemaker Alberto Antonini, this time using grapes from beyond the Poggiotondo estate. He uses the Mediceo name for these, and this Chianti is medicine for the tastebuds, make no mistake Read More.

    • ADD 3 - SAVE 10% - £9.99 a bottle
    • ADD 6 - SAVE 16% - £9.25 a bottle

11 Item(s)