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Red is the colour of love, and real food lovers tend to have a nose for red wines too. The names of grapes remind us of good times and close friends: Cabernet Sauvignon; Shiraz; Pinot Noir; Zinfandel. But we don’t care whether they’re Old or New World. If they’re grown and made with patience, timing, quality and care, if they pass our scrutiny, they’ll make it into our cases for your pleasure.

So whether you’re looking for something comfy to go with dinner or a sensational masterpiece to share with someone special, we’re here to help you in your quest for the perfect red wine.

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Rude Reserve Red Wine Rude Reserve Red Wine

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  • Torre del Falasco Corvina 2017, Veneto

    Top 30 Best-Selling Red Wine
    Corvina's a chameleon Italian grape variety. Responsible for Amarone, Recioto plus a host of deliciously refreshing cherry-fruited red wines. This is one. Extremely gluggable, oodles of mouthwatering flavours, it's a brilliant Italian all-rounder. Pizza to pasta, watching the Sopranos... it's the perfect wine Read More.

  • Fabiano Amarone Della Valpolicella Riserva I Fondatori 2011, Veneto

    More on the way soon
    Some call Amarone the 'wine of kings, the king of wines'. It's one of Italy's best red wine experiences. Yes, it's not cheap, but that's just £7.50 a glass (125ml, more than enough for six of your best friends), so not that crazy at all really. And it's a definite 'bucket list' wine. Go on, you need to try this if only once Read More.


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