Vegan Wine

Vegan wines are those that haven't used any animal-derived products during their making. Casein (from milk), gelatin, isinglass (from fish) are sometimes used as ingredients in fining wine (removing any bits floating around in solution). And that's why any wines that do, can't be considered vegan-friendly wines.
All the wines you'll find in this section have been verified as not using those fining agents. Your ideal online vegan wine selection.

9 Item(s)

9 Item(s)

  • Casa Do Lago Grande Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2014, Lisboa

    This is soft and juicy with just a hint of a more tannic structure in the background. It is designed as an immediate easy-drinking wine, full of fruit and blackberry fruits. Wine Enthusiast Read More.

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  • Cottonworth Rosé NV, Hampshire

    2 review(s)

    Available to buy as a single bottle
    Rude Wines have loads of lovely stuff - the trouble is the Cottonworth Sparkling Rose from Hampshire is so delicious they have to prise the bottle from my hands to force me to try other stuff!Oz Clarke, The Three Wine Men

    Wow - very fruity! Incredible strawberry and cherry fruit, the like of which I’ve never tasted - still less in an English wine! This is thanks to the use of Pinot Précoce, apparently. So bright and ripe. Hard to say if it’s typically English, but I do love its boldness. 17/20 Richard Hemming MW, Read More.

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  • Agostino Familia 2013, Mendoza

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    Available to buy as a single bottle
    Spice things up with this dark, decadent and aromatic blend majoring on Malbec and Petit Verdot. Read More.

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9 Item(s)